7 Black Friday Freebies

7 Black Friday Freebies

I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving Day!  Now it is Black Friday, the craziest day of the year!  One of my friends posted this today,

“The feeding frenzy of consumerism on Friday reveals the absence of true thanksgiving on Thursday. Real gratitude doesn’t beget materialism.”

So on this Friday I wanted to give some freebies out of my thankfulness.  These are some FREE RESOURCES that I have been extremely thankful for; these resources have strengthened me through out the days, weeks, and years of my journey with the Jesus. I am hoping that these freebies will feed you spiritually.




Prayer Room: This prayer room streams 24/7!  I find this to be a great resource during quite times, prayer meetings, work music, or while performing daily chores. It is encouraging to know that you can join a live prayer and worship set any time of the day!  Tune in and plug-in!

Mike BickleMike Bickle is the director of IHOP-KC and has been in ministry for over 30 years.  There is a wealth of teaching messages and series on here, both audio and video, as well as notes.  Pick out a series and go through it!  I have gone through numerous messages some more than once and it has greatly strengthened me.  It’s like going to a Bible School for free!  He has some of his books on here for free too.

Resource Library: This is a place to hear other speakers from IHOP-KC messages as well as teachings from past conferences.  Lot’s of great videos and notes.


12342. Morningstar Ministries

Word of the Week: Sign up for this email and receive it once a week.  Rick picks great topics to cover and breaks down different aspects each week.  I find it encouraging and insightful as it causes me to think about God and His Word.

Daily Devotional: This is a daily email from Rick and it is a great way to start the day.  I have it sent to my work email so I can read it first thing before I start my workday.

E Journal: This E-Journal cost $10, but it is for the whole year! This Journal is filled with articles, testimonies, and messages from a variety of writers and teachers.




3. Beholding Jesus: This is Stephen Venables website.  He is one of my favorite teachers out of IHOP-KC.  He has a great passion for Jesus and always draws me to hunger for more of Him.  His teaching style provokes me to search out the life of Jesus like never before!

Sermons: Check out some of his sermons.  Listening to him when he talks about Jesus or a vision for day and night worship/prayer is gripping and inspiring.




pawson4. David Pawson: David Pawson is one of my favorite speakers, not just because of his english accent!  He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the Word.

The Wonders of His Story: He has many free messages but this one has by far changed my understanding of the Story of Jesus Christ. Check it out!




bethel5. Bethel: I would encourage you to check out and listen to anyone from Bethel’s leadership team; they have a very dynamic team.

Sermon of the Week: The sermon of the week features their Sunday Service messages.  Plug in weekly and receive wisdom and insight that will encourage and challenge you!




brymer6.David Brymer

Beauty Beauty Album: This is a free album from a musician who is wholly dedicated to worship.  Get the album and get lost in the worship!





corey7. Corey Russell: Corey is another one of my favorites out of the IHOP-KC leadership team.  He has mini YouTube videos that are about 10 minutes long that he puts out a few times a month; make sure you subscribe !  He is full of fire and passion and always gives a message that will push you to go deeper.





Hope you have time to check out these resources, I know they will greatly bless you.  Let me know if you have any resources that you are thankful for and have encouraged your walk with the Lord over the years.



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