A Call to Consecration

Hello friends,

I wanted to share with you this “Call of Consecration” that Nina and Ryan Landis have been lead to and have encouraged others to respond to as well.  We are entering into a new season…what is your heart feeling?

‘I am writing this note to explain and invite any and all who would like to join my husband and I on a 40 Day Fast For The Eye Gates Of California. Beginning July 24th and ending September 2nd

CONSECRATED – Solemnly dedicated to or set apart for a high purpose; “A life consecrated to God.”
A solemn commitment of your life or your time to some cherished purpose (to a service or a goal)

The tensions are rising in the earth and the lines are getting blurry between what is Holy and what is not. I believe that the Lord is extending an invitation in the next 40 days for a people to step into a greater understanding of what is truly Holy, what our eyes were made to behold and the impact that we as the BODY of CHRIST have on the earth as we let the LORD, and no one else, define for us what is compromise.

About two months ago the Lord began speaking to me about “the little compromises”. In SOS Chapter 2 verse 15 it says “Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes.” This passage is a reference to “little compromises” that spoil OUR vine, the vine of our hearts.
As the Lord began to speak to me about personal “little compromises” it quickly began to unfold in many areas of life, not to mention the region of California.

Recently Lou Engle came out to California for a Pre-Call Rally and as he was sharing with firey zeal as he always does, he began to speak once again about the Nazarite “Call”. Nazarites were called to a different level of consecration than others. The Lord asked them to set themselves apart in many ways from their peers and even fellow lovers of God. It’s not that the Nazarites were “better” than the others, they just had an invitation to step in to a greater measure of consecration. So what ended up being “compromise” for them maybe wasn’t at all “compromise” for another.
I feel like there are people that are called to a LIFE of extreme consecration but that sometimes we are called to SEASONS of extreme consecration…


I am believing God as I fast and contend and consecrate my eyes over the next 40 days to escort in a new definition of Holiness and Consecration not just for my family but for the entire state of California. A definition that comes from God and God alone! Not from the current culture, not from the way I’ve been raised or what I’ve been taught, not from the medias definition or from entertainments standards…But from the Spirit of the Living God rising up inside of HIS body of believers! ESPECIALLY His body in California…


On September 4th in Sacramento California there will once again be a CALL to consecration! God’s people will gather together with one heart and one voice to humble themselves in the site of the Lord and repent on behalf of this nation. I believe, along with many other people, that California is a “gate” to the rest of the United States. What happens here, effects our entire country in a GREAT way.
This 40 day fast for the EYE GATES OF CALIFORNIA, beginning on July 24th and ending on September 2nd will usher in a united cry for a HOLY shift to take place in California and our nation…

It’s counter culture, it’s politically incorrect, it’s uncomfortable…BUT IT’S TIME!

We will personally be fasting any and all movies, television, visual entertainment, media, etc. Those things that grab the attention of our eye gates…ultimately the access to our hearts. I am asking that you Join us in consecrating YOUR eyes, in seeking the Lord for HIS definition of compromise for YOU, and committing to shed off any and all numbed out, dumbed down, definitions of HOLINESS that we have gradually become so accustomed to.

I emphasize this one thing again, “It’s not about religion, judging, or striving”…It’s an INVITATION of GRACE for greater consecration. Will you join us? Will you step into this level of Grace, and will you let the Spirit of the Living God re-define your inner man?

With Zeal for HIS HOUSE in my heart,
Nina Landis’

p.s. check out more from Nina Landis: http://ninalandis.com/

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One thought on “A Call to Consecration

  • Just yesterday The Lord lead me to write a Motivation “It’s The Little Foxes That Mess You Up”. Knowing nothing just happens…
    I came across your site looking for information on Consecrated Fast which I and my Prayer Circle are doing in less than 30mins. When I read “A Call to Consecration” I saw that you made reference to the same Scripture I just wrote about yesterday…for me that was confirmation!

    I Pray God’s continual Blessings in your life and that everything your hands continue to touch….they be Blessed in Jesus’ Name….Amen!

    I’m hearing something in my Spirit about YOUR HANDS…YOUR HANDS!
    i Pray God gives you Revelation to this!

    Please include me in your email listing…I don’t tweet or use Twitter just yet but I’d love to hear from you and continue on with you in the Spirit!

    You can check out my BLOG where I’ve posted most of what Holy Spirit has shared with me at:


    Take care…

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