A Practical Plan to Grow in Prayer

A Practical Plan to Grow in Prayer


Message Monday: A Practical Plan to Grow in Prayer

Well it is Monday morning again and as promised, here is a very encouraging and practical message on prayer!  My heart in sharing is to challenge you to have a prayer life in Jesus Christ.  I have been feeding on messages like this and I know it is NOT enough to just listen to a good message. I am still growing in this process but I have found that the points shared in this message to be of great value as they have helped me grow in my own personal prayer time.

When it comes to scheduling my prayer time, I have learned that I am NOT a morning person and have realized that I am more likely to pray early when it is in a corporate setting.  Knowing that there are other hungry people willing to sacrifice their time to pray early in the morning motivates me to jump out of bed to join in. For my personal prayer time I have scheduled it at 9:30 pm after everyone has gone to bed.  I am a night owl and I have found that ending my night in prayer helps remove the distractions that keep my mind from wandering all over the place.


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NOTES: A Practical Plan to Grow in Prayer


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