Always Faithful

Cory Asbury: Always Faithful (Album: Let Me See Your Eyes )

I love this song!

This has been the theme that the LORD has been sustaining me with in these last few months.  I love that He is always faithful, whether it is with the big life altering decisions or with the mundane routine of the day to day.  Of course His faithfulness to me is not based off of my “hard” work, He is faithful because He loves me and has a plan and purpose for me.

However, He enjoys it when I co-labor with Him and press in for the impossible to become possible, for the unseen to become seen.  It is exciting to be in relationship with a limitless God who could easily take care of everything right away just the way I want and yet He wants me to do my part because He knows that I can!  He does not give up on me and if I am looking to the Father or at the life of Jesus Christ, then I know that I am not to give up.

I am more than a conqueror only because He did His part.  Even when it feels like nothing is working and all is crashing down, He comes through.  Most of the time it looks completely different than expected and usually happens at the last minute, but He is always faithful.  I am thankful for the time that He has given me, for His mercy and grace. Even when I drop the ball, turn back, grow faint, shut down, or fall down; He is still faithful!

It is in those times when I do not give up or lose hope that I see Him provide and come through in a way far greater then what I could have accomplished with out co-laboring.  I love those times.  It is exhilarating to live in faith!  No, it is not easy and sometimes I feel like my brain or body is going to have a melt down. Only because His ways are not my ways, but His ways always satisfy in the end.

Yes, He is always faithful and my faith only increases because I realize that His faithfulness satisfies me just enough to make me completely hungry for more! Crazy I know but it is true.  In this age our God is faithful to the end but in the age to come, He is faithful for eternity!

– Blessings





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