But The Lord Establishes Their Steps

But The Lord Establishes Their Steps

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”   Proverbs 16:9


In the midst of the hard times it is good to remember the why. This update precedes our first post because it has taken us a while to fully process all that has happened since we said yes to this journey. We quickly found ourselves in the middle of a fight as our launch date got closer and closer.

When our hearts were settled and in agreement with setting a side a season to pursue Jesus as a family, a challenging series of events occurred. Not long after coming back from Azusa Now, which we had felt was the first step on this journey; Liberty had her first scary injury. She had sliced her inner thigh on a broken piece of glass Tupperware and barely missed an artery. This was not only a physical test for our parenting and emergency response, which we failed miserably, but it was the first spiritual attack on our family. Liberty ended up having 6 stitches after our long wait in Prompt Care.

Liberty Reign Atkins (5 years old)


Fast forward a couple of months and we found ourselves in another round of warfare. A guest speaker from Germany gave the Sunday message and he was sharing a powerful word on dealing with the little disappointments in life. I snuck out early to drive around until Riah Joy fell asleep. I came to a stop and pulled out of an intersection and before I crossed the centerline a car flew right in front of us and ripped off the front end of our van. Surprisingly, Riah did not wake up after the crash, but a half second later and we both could have been majorly injured as the car was coming from the side that we were both sitting on.

This was a close call and thankfully no one was injured, however the front end of our van was pretty smashed up! This is the family chariot that is chartering our little adventure to KC. Fixing the front damage was a financial set back, especially since we had recently purchased 4 new tires on the Minion Van.   As difficult as this situation was, certainly one of life’s little disappointments, we felt the Lords hand of protection over us that day.

Riah Joy Atkins (16 months old)
Riah Joy Atkins (16 months old)


Then towards the end of July we had our biggest scare to date. Many of you may have heard that our second daughter Adessa, had a near drowning experience at Pinecrest Lake. She was pulled out of the water face down and unconscious. Thankfully her Uncle Noah reacted quickly and grabbed her out and gave her CPR. She was then medi-flighted to UC Davis Children’s Hospital to have all of her vitals checked out. Aimee was at Disneyland and I was at work when we got the call. Having our family all separated made the situation even more heart wrenching. Adessa was a true champion and had such a brave countenance during the entire ordeal.


Adessa Promise Atkins (3 years old)


This could have been the knock out blow as it was the most terrifying thing we have ever gone through. We still have waves of processing the ‘what ifs’ for all of these situations. However, we are stilled by the present wave of His faithfulness as we have witnessed His divine protection. The thread that ties this all together is not the attack of the enemy but the prayers of our friends and family that we have felt over us during this time of our lives.


In the midst of all that was happening around us, we were reminded that the Lord establishes our steps! Dreams that had been planted in both of our hearts long ago are now being made possible. So whatever trials we go through, we pray that we come out refined like gold in the fire.





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