Samuel Adams


“The Father of American Independence” 


Samuel Adams made his impact through a small yet powerful window in American history!

Prior to America finding its independence, Samuel Adams was being tossed around by the wind, looking for his calling.  Born in Boston and a graduate from Harvard in 1722, Samuel had a difficult time finding his career as a young adult.

He briefly worked at a counting house, received an inheritance to start a business (which he gave away and lost), was a tax collector and was given a job in his family brewery only to completely disregard it.  During his drifting years, Samuel always carried a heart of passion and a mind of politics; it just took the right current to carry him into position.

The storm had been brewing as tensions grew between the American Colonies and the Motherland.   It was around 1765 when Samuel found his flow and was carried to the forefront in the cry against British injustice.  He was powerful and provoking in speech and text for independence.  He was not one for public glory and gain but was a great instigator when it came to the American Revolution, playing the majority of his moves behind the scenes.  Samuel knew how to fan the flames of the revolution by stirring up the hearts of the people.

Samuel started his “professional” patriotism career through writing hundreds of letters (with false names) against the British rule and distributed them to local newspapers and leaders.  He also founded the original Son’s of Liberty; pretty much a gang of patriot rebels who rallied to incite the British soldiers and officials.  This very effective model was eventually carried out in all 13 colonies.

Then there was the infamous Boston Tea Party of 1773.   The 50 or so dressed up Indians that raided the ships and tossed the tea crates are pretty much unknown however historians give all the credit to the great Samuel Adams when it comes to being the mastermind behind the radical act against British tyranny.  How could he not be behind something this genius; it being in his hometown and all!

Samuel organized the first Committee of Correspondence, which allowed the 13 colonies to stay in touch with each other when it came to their plans and dealing with the British (kind of like a Facebook group page 😀 ).  He signed the Articles of Confederation shortly after 1776 when it was time to sign the Declaration of Independence.  Samuel had his fingerprints all over the cause of freedom for America.  He was quoted saying this on the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independence,

“We have this day restored the Sovereign to Whom all men ought to be obedient. He reigns in heaven and from the rising to the setting of the sun, let His kingdom come.” (source)

Samuel was a known Christian and had a lot of Puritan influence growing up.  His political career dominated the majority of his life while his family and business careers were left in poor condition.  Samuel continued to stay in the political arena, however his window of major influence was small.

Samuel Adams passed away  October 2 1803 with his parting words,

 “I… recommend my Soul to that Almighty Being who gave it, and my body I commit to the dust, relying upon the merits of Jesus Christ for a pardon of all my sins.” (source)

p.s. The beer, Samuel Adams was named after this man…because of his brief brewing career and because he was a great American.


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The Shop Pt. 3

The SHOP Series:

Part I

Part II


By June 2009 the SHOP was at its peak and the summer continued to be full of fun, growth, and challenges.  This was the beginning of a pivotal season for us as we were given a very sobering and challenging word that revealed a fork in the road and called us to the less traveled and higher path of the Cross.  This message also came with a time frame of about 3 months.

The first Tuesday of July 2009 Steven and Andrew set up the SHOP outside on the back patio of the Gerber house property.  It was not the smoothest transition, as we had a new worship leader along with new distractions; but it was a lot cooler and could hold more people.   We were back inside the SHOP the following Tuesday and it was another full house filled with worship, prayer, unity, and an awesome testimony by a gentleman named Paris.

We had a new friend, Tyler Johnson, come from Washington the next week through a connection of a couple that wanted to fly him out to share at the SHOP as well as at our local church.  The 8 of us met with Tyler, his wife Christine, and friend Adam Short, at our house the Saturday before the SHOP.  There was an instant connection as we prayed and worshiped and received encouragement from our new friends.  I had a unique encounter at the end of our fellowshipping that I will never forget. There was a great connection and we were all excited to hear Tyler share at the SHOP.

That Monday our pastor had graciously said yes to host the shop for worship as Tyler spoke.  This was a big success in our eyes as a lot of church members came together in one place to worship Jesus.  The worship that night was very powerful and released a great measure of freedom and joy.  On a side note we found out that night that a meteorite the size of earth struck the planet Jupiter (There is more to it, but we felt that there was some significance behind it).  Tyler shared again at the SHOP (outside on the back patio) with encouraging stories and testimonies.   There were over 150 people gathered and we had a fun fire tunnel followed with 13 baptisms in the pool at the end of the night!  It was a great night full of Jesus.

August was busy as far as leadership went as we all felt like it was important to figure out a clear vision and mission statement for the SHOP.  Because of the rapid growth that we were experiencing we started to get bombarded with questions!  This was a good thing and caused us to step back and look at what we believed the SHOP was called to.  By now we had each shaped our own ideas, influences and agendas about what it was to us personally so it took some time to hammer out.  I must admit that we easily complicated this process and mixed in a lot of flesh instead of simply seeking the Lord in prayer.  Aimee and I noticed during this time that the core leadership circle was being tested causing our friendships to be strained.

During the month of September Steven took a break from worship and we ended up having a lot of guest speakers.  We started the month by watching The Finger of God, which is a great documentary on some of God’s moves and miracles around the Globe.  We were then blessed to have Ryan Helbling lead worship and share a message as he was back from Africa for the remainder of the year.  On the 22nd Isa Agape came and shared an awesome message that the Lord had been placing in her heart over the last couple of months.  Young, old, and new faces continued to show up as we enjoyed the summer outside.

The last Tuesday of the month was a very difficult night; looking back this also marked the end of the period for the word that we had received.  We had found out that a local teenager, Emmitt Broaddus, was killed in a car accident right before we gathered; he was a friend of many.  There was also a very large group of black birds circling around the property for about 20 minutes, which we found to be very bizarre.  Steven, Andrew, Sonja, and Bethany all went to the hospital to pray for him and his family.  Carlie, Aimee, and I felt led to get everyone in a circle to pray until we felt breakthrough. It was rough but we did feel some breakthrough at the end.

Our season out on the patio ended and so did our season on the property.  We had our last shop meeting in the actual shop building October 6, 2009.  It felt great to be back in the shop and have our old friends Ryan and Nina Landis leading worship to bring things back to the heart of worshipping Jesus!  Being outside was good but I believe it brought a lot of distractions naturally and spiritually.

We had corporately made the decision to move our place of meeting down the hill, into an old warehouse in Tuolumne City.  We were outgrowing the old shop and had some issues that needed attention; like parking, bathrooms, and the leaking roof.  I went up to the owner of the building after church one day to inquire about using his place and before I finished explaining everything he had graciously put the key to the building in my hand.   We had also gotten some cool words about the fire flowing down the hill.  I have always had a heart for Tuolumne and saw this as a dream come true!  I believe that there was a grace to move and that the Lord wanted to start moving in Tuolumne City in a greater way!  With that being said, a huge part of the shop was dearly missed.

This warehouse was MUCH BIGGER, had plenty of parking, and two bathrooms…but the best part was it fit us perfectly.  It had dirt floors, old church chairs, and was centrally located in a town that needs much reviving!  So we had our first gathering in Tuolumne, October 13, 2009.  I was super excited as a couple of my Tuolumne friends showed up after not seeing them for a while.  It felt like a smooth transition.  It was also raining that night and it sounded beautiful as the raindrops poured down on the old metal roofing.

Tyler Johnson came back for our second meeting in the new place and helped us break it in a little more.  The leadership also started meeting around this time with an amazing couple whose heart is to refresh those in ministry.  The timing was great as there were feelings and stirrings going on between the leadership as well as in the community.  It was good to have an outside source come and help us in some practical ways.  These meetings were very healthy and brought some things to the surface that Aimee and I were unaware of.

As November and December rolled around the shop was good but the building was getting beyond cold.  We had little space heaters set up, but everyone was being challenged by the frigidness.  This put even more strain on the leadership as it seemed like the grace was lifting.  I felt like we were to weather the storm so to speak but it may have just been my stubbornness.  I also felt like during the last few months of the year that I was fighting something that I couldn’t see at the time.  The leadership team also lost two big pieces as Bethany went on a mission’s trip to Africa and Carlie went to a prayer internship on the East Coast.

Aimee and I started taking a good look at what the shop had become to us and how it had started to become our identity.  We had realized that our friendships between the leaders had turned into something completely other than, as everything revolved around the shop!  There was no doubt that His presence was still there, but we both started asking the question as to why we needed to be on the leadership team.  With the growth, changes of season and our weaknesses, I believe that the leadership team had gotten distracted.

At the end of December Aimee and I attended the OneThing Conference in Kansas City as well as the leadership summit.  This was an impactful time for us as we felt a release from the SHOP leadership.  We both strongly felt that we were to start a family after hearing a powerful message from Lou Engle.   It was also confirmed with us that we were to pursue prayer and worship on a deeper level while growing in His Word.  January 17, 2010 we let the team know that we were stepping down in hopes to continue to be friends.  About a month after this decision we found out that Aimee was pregnant with Liberty Reign.  This was very exciting news for us as our steps were confirmed and our family started to blossom.

The shop continued to weather through the winter and with spring time Kaenan and LauraLee got married March 19, 2010.  I will end this session here and see if there is room for another one down the road.  It was a wonderful to see the Lord work through the shop and I am very thankful that I got to be apart of it.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Feel free to share any of your own stories in the comments!



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The SHOP Pt. 2

Don’t miss out on Part One

Continued…PT. 2.

There was a special shift in the supernatural when we moved into the shop. The first night in the new setting seemed different, in a good way.  I believe it was partly due to the family history of the Gerber property.   My great aunt Ginny and uncle Bill Gerber (the land owners since the beginning of Ponderosa Hills) always envisioned some sort of house of prayer in the area.  That being said, the property had been filled and continues to be filled with prayer and worship. I also realize that there was a huge grace and blessing from the Lord because He loves us loving Him!

August was a year of new beginnings for me.  As we transitioned from Tuesday Night Worship at the blue house to Tuesday nights at The SHOP, an even bigger shift came as I went from being single to married!  Aimee and I got married at Chapel in the Pines, Saturday August 16, 2008.  It was a fun season as life continued to be full for us.

The first time we had someone come visit the shop from out of town was on September 7, 2008 (a Sunday)Through our connection with Aunt Lisa, Pastor Paul Harris came for two nights to pray and share.  Also, some of Lisa’s intercessor/prophetic friends came up from LA.  Paul described the shop environment as “ a campfire with couches” and felt like the region was, “Sitting on a very powerful combustible place in the Spirit”He shared a little bit the first night but most of the evening was spent in intense prayer.

The second night (Monday the 8th) was very powerful for Aimee and I as we were ministered to after Pastor Paul shared.  Aunt Lisa’s friends were really operating in the prophetic gift and blessed us so much with insight and encouragement.  I will never forget what was shared that night.  One of the words spoken for the shop was,  You bring Him comfort, you bring Him joy, and you bring Him friendship and love.”

Tuesday’s continued to make an impact on me and others as we all kept showing up never really knowing what to expect.  Steven Robbins really started taking off with his incredible worship gifting and the Presence of the Lord continued to manifest and move each tuesday night.  On the 19th we had our first open shop meeting to share input, ideas, and direction.  There was still no official “leaders” team set up then. That following Tuesday night, our amazing friends and leaders since near the beginning, Andrew and Sonja Heisinger, got married September 23, 2008 as we all got to celebrate with them.

We felt like it was time to make the shop a little bit nicer so we had another workday on October 25th.  You can watch the footage below to catch a glimpse of all the “excitement”.


November 25th stands out to me as I remember my long time friend Wyatt coming for the second time.  Wyatt had no religious background and lived a rough walk of life.  After sitting through worship for about twenty minutes and feeling tired, he closed his eyes.  As his eyes were closed he saw a bright light get brighter and brighter and the coattails of darkness fleeing the scene.  The light got so bright that he could no longer keep his eyes closed and he was filled with energy and jumped up to tell my cousin Kaenan about it.  He was so excited and at the end of the night he shared in front of everyone his experience and said, “Before tonight I didn’t believe in God.”

It was right around the end of the year when I believe we felt led to form a team of leaders for Tuesday nights.  There were no special requirements other than we had all been apart of this thing from the beginning.  It ended up being Carlie Vogt, Bethany Williams, Steven Robbins, Andrew and Sonja Heisinger, and Aimee and me.  Not too long after this we brought Kaenan Whitman on board because he is a fireball and had recently moved to the area after our wedding.  The shop also was on Kaenan’s grandparent’s property, so he carried a level of authority.

The year 2009 rolled around and Holy Spirit continued to fill us up while the shop kept filling up with new people!  We had a group of 20 make it up to Jesus Culture on February 6-7 and it was a blast.

That following Tuesday, the 10th,

“75 people came, even though it was cramped, worship broke through amazingly quick and we were not able to get to anything else we had planned for the night.  The Holy Spirit loves to move when hungry people make themselves available.” (Taken from an email)

Ryan Landis

2009 was a great year for the shop, we had a lot of visitors!  On February 17th, we had Ryan and Nina Landis come and rock out with us!  It was definitely a packed house.  One of the neighbors elbow got healed that night and Ryan and Nina encouraged us by saying, “No formula and no structures equals easy access to GOD! Keep doing what you’re doing, we don’t have to try to create anything…it’s already here!”  They were super uplifting and ended the night with some prophetic ministry.  And we got to bless them by taking up an offering that was rather staggering for our crazy group oddballs.

March 31st was a monumental moment for everyone that was at the shop that night.  Steven had the fun idea (I thought it was very random at the time) to make it pajama night!  So, regardless of how I really felt…I showed up in my pj’s and so did a lot of other people.  There was close to 90 people and at least 4 physical healings!

One of the healings that took place really stands out as I was praying for her with a friend.  She came in that night on crutches with a knee brace.  The prior Thursday she had blown her knee out when she collided with another player during her soccer game.  She was taken to the hospital and the doctors confirmed that she would need surgery and told her to keep ALL pressure off of her injured leg.   Long story short we prayed for her and asked if she felt anything and she said no.  We prayed again and asked her to try bending her leg.  We took off the brace and she was able to move it a little bit.  We continued to contend for healing in her leg and she said she could tangibly feel something while we were praying and tears started streaming down her face.  She ended up putting her full weight on her leg and at the end of the night she walked out of the shop without her brace and crutches!!!  It was a powerful testimony.  The best part was that the doctor confirmed that her leg was fine the next day, April 1, 2009.  I realized now looking back that her healing was confirmed a year to the day from when we had our first Tuesday night at the blue house.

March 31, 2009 Pajama Night!

May 30th, we had the honor of hosting Shampa Rice.  There were around 120 people listening intently to her message that was filled with LOVE.  This was also around the time that Jake Hamilton’s music from Marked By Heaven started influencing our worship time 🙂 .  July 16th, Elyssa Williams came and shared and encouraged us with a word that she got for the shop.  Part of it said,  “How I love you, I have seen your prayers and heard your cries, I have seen how you reach out and welcome the broken and the hurting and have opened your arms and chased after what others have abandoned.” Aunt Lisa and her intercessor friends came up again for a Tuesday night (6/23/09) and we had an amazing “fire tunnel” at the end of the night that rocked all of us!

And this only leads us up to half of the year!  I know that I am just giving highlights and small glimpses, but every Tuesday night was special and filled with His presence whether I personally felt something or not… someone was always encountering His love.

To be continued…


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The SHOP Pt. 1

THE SHOP: Part One, The Beginnings

The beginning: this is important to know. Before the gathering officially started it was birthed in Aimee Atkins (then McGrady’s) heart. I asked her why she felt lead to start Tuesday Nights and she said, “I had it on my heart for a couple of months to start a college age worship group. Just a time to be with the Lord and worship freely with no limitations.” At the time Aimee was too old for youth group and was hungry for a place to gather with like hearted people that were close in age.

So the origins of “Tuesday Night Worship” started on a Tuesday night (imagine that!) in October of 2007 (possibly the 16th). Aimee’s heart was stirred so she went to a few other worshipers and they gathered in her parent’s living room. It was a very small group of young adults that came together in a little living room to worship a BIG GOD. I must clarify that the heart of this was not started out of a dissatisfaction or frustration with the church. It was simply another time to meet outside of Sunday morning to love on Jesus through worship, prayer and fellowship.

There were guitars, some bongos, and hungry hearts. It was very simple and low key with a genuine focus on Jesus and building friendships. There was no agenda or task list. From the beginning freedom was honored as the Holy Spirit showed up time and time again. This continued for 6 months every Tuesday in the McGrady living room.

It was not too long after this that I flew Aimee out to Albuquerque, New Mexico with me and proposed March 24, at the Rio Grande. I proposed to her at the same place that I got baptized on Easter Sunday the year before! This was a great time for both of us as we were working full time and maturing as the Lord was unfolding His plans before us.  Aimee’s heart for worship was blossoming before the Lord and I starting to feel a fire for prayer like never before! Not to mention that we were making amazing new friends from all over the place.

Aimee (my fiance’ at the time) had told me about the get-together but I had never made the effort to show up. I didn’t know any of Aimee’s “Christian friends” yet. Eventually I showed up and it was awesome! I wanted this thing at my house! I know that sounds selfish but I had just moved into a new place with my roommate Jordan Geary and our living room was perfect.  As the worship time ended I asked what everyone thought about moving it up the hill to my place. It is a pretty funny story looking back because other than Aimee and her brother Ryan, no one knew me and I hadn’t said much to anyone before. I remember everyone looking around and then the consensus was, “Ya, that sounds cool.”

The 8 people that were there that night must have each told one friend because that next Tuesday, April 1, 2008, there were 16 people gathered! It was a great first night to break in the new place. We had a time of putting on a Misty Edwards CD and started going at it in prayer for people. A few were falling down in the spirit, others were filled with laughter, and some were weeping. The Spirit broke loose and His presence was very thick and tangible in the dimly lit living room that evening.

It was exciting that the Lord was moving and hearts were being touched. There was anticipation building that whole week and as word spread, 25 people showed up that next Tuesday. Because we never had time for announcements each week, Steven Robbins (one of the amazing worship leaders from the beginning) started up a g-mail account under the name, Acts2Gathering, to share any changes, announcements, suggestions, prayer requests or testimonies. The first one sent April 20, 2008 and read as follows:

Yes, you can bring a friend… or a few…Yes, adults and children are allowed to come…Yes, you can arrive late or leave early if you need to …Yes, you can share some scripture during our time of worship…Yes, you can bring an instrument and play along if you want to…Yes, you can request that we lay hands on you and pray for you…YES, YOU CAN EXPECT THAT NOT EVERY WEEK WILL BE THE SAME AS THE ONE BEFORE. We are very open to many things as long as we keep our focus on the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our purpose for meeting is to worship freely and expressively and to expect God to respond to our worship and prayers. Please pray for corporate breakthrough in our worship, revival in our county, and for more souls to come to Jesus.

By the beginning of May there were at least 40 plus people packing into our two-bedroom house. Jordan and I stopped putting the furniture back in order and just left it the way it was until the next gathering. With that many people we took out the dinner table and chairs to open up space and it still wasn’t enough! We had people lined down the narrow hallway, the living room was maxed out, and the dinning room and kitchen were full. Did I mention that 40 worshipping kids in a house without A/C during the start of summer makes things a little hot?

Every night was unique as we honored each other to create a “safe atmosphere” and allow freedom to worship Jesus. There were new faces each week, some with church backgrounds and others had never been to church before or had never seen anything like Tuesday Nights. Worship, prayer, prophetic words, reading the Word, and sharing testimonies resulted in freedom, joy, breakthrough, and unity.

I just read a quote from Rick Joyner that said, “If Jesus is in it, a cave will have more glory than the greatest human structure.” One thing was certain, it was God breathed and Jesus was there! It was completely out of our hands as we all marveled at what God was doing amongst us.

Nearing the end of May our biggest problem was not people thinking we were some type of a cult. It was parking and more room for the explosion of kids that were coming in. There was actually a lot of support and encouragement from adults in the area even though some didn’t want to show up to scare away anyone :). A grass roots prayer covering started up as news was spreading fast! All of the “young adults” that had been there from the beginning went to church and had parents that were excited about it and were praying protection along with others that had got wind of what was going on.

On June 16th a huge door had opened up, thanks to my aunt Lisa Whitman (Gerber) and Nancy Allen. I cannot stress enough the role that these two played in the whole thing. They were praying and felt led to let us crazy young kids use the old shop on the Gerber property. When they shared with us this grand idea, we were stoked! Of course this old shop was filled with junk and had been sitting unused for a long time. That following weekend we had a shop workday and cleared out a ton of stuff.  The shop is located right behind the house that we were currently meeting at.

By the first of July, we had our first group of adults come to the house; 3 local couples that carry a fathers and mothers heart for our generation. It was an awesome night and the couples started showing their wonderful love and support ever since. We had one more shop workday on the 19th as I was pushing to have it ready before Aimee and I got married. It was great to see how the Lord provided. I was driving down the road and saw a free carpet sign and was able to pick it up and lay it across the cement shop floor. There were also some old family couches with no place to go that fit nicely in our new/old gathering spot. I can’t say that the shop smelled or looked great, but it was just what we needed.

On the 22nd the doors were open for worship and prayer as we had our first Tuesday Night Worship gathering in what was dubbed as “The SHOP” from there on out.  It was a great transition; as usual the presence of the Lord was there as we gave ourselves to worshiping Jesus.


Continued…Pt 2

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John Hancock

This is part one of my Patriotic Posts Series (Currently writing on the signers of the Declaration of Independence)

John Hancock was the first of fifty- six men to sign the Declaration of Independence. His signature being first was at the top and it was also the biggest and boldest of them all.  He made quite the exclamation and after penning his now famous name, he said, “There, I guess King George will be able to read that.”

Signing and supporting this declaration was a monumental moment for the signers, the United States of America, and all future generations.  John Hancock and those that followed pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.

So what was really on the line when John Hancock dipped his quill pen into the jet-black ink well to sign over his LIFE, FORTUNE, and SACRED HONOR?

A year prior to signing he was honored by being elected president of the Continental Congress. Shortly after being elected he married the love of his life, Dorothy “Dolly” Quincy and they were expecting their first child (Lydia) in October of 1776. John had also inherited a staggering fortune after the passing of his uncle.

John Hancock was born January 23, 1737 in Braintree Massachusetts to his father, Reverend John Hancock, and his mother Mary.  John had deep roots in the Christian faith; both his father and grandfather were Congregationalist ministers and graduates of Harvard’s ministerial school.

John would have been a minister of the faith as well if his father had not passed away when he was 7 years old.  His life took a different course than expected but he never gave up his faith.  When John was 13 his childless aunt and uncle adopted him and raised him.  His uncle Thomas Hancock was one of the wealthiest men in New England.  He established and owned an importing and exporting business to Britain and acquired great wealth from it.

John had graduated from Harvard and had since worked for his uncle. When his uncle passed in 1764, John inherited the business becoming known as, “King Hancock”.  Since, he became heavily involved in politics rising up as one of the most well known patriots while fighting for America’s liberties during the Revolutionary War and beyond.  He passed in 1793 and was remember as a generous man willing to lay down all he had for the freedom of America.

John Adams later wrote of him to Jedidiah Morse, 1818.

Of Mr. Hancock’s life, character, generous nature, great and distinguished sacrifices and important services, if I had forces, I should be glad to write a volume. But this I hope will be done by some younger and abler hand.

Reverend Dr. Thatcher, John Hancock’s pastor at Brattle, giving his eulogy said,

“His reverence for religion was never lost. He was interested in every thing that related to the house of God. He exceeded his worthy ancestors in his liberality to this society and proved his real attachment to our peace and happiness. It might have been said of him as of the centurion by the Jews,’He loved our nation and hath built us a synagogue.'”

John Hancock was a great man and I want to continue to highlight his Christian faith.  Being a framer and founder of our constitution I think it is important to remember him for the man of God that he was.

The following is copied from HERE

John Hancock was a lifelong member of the Brattle Street Congregationalist Church. His name was inscribed on the cornerstone of the church for the 1,000 pounds he gave when the church was built. He also bought the church’s bell. He also gave a Bible to a church in Lunenberg and bought another bell for a church in Jamaica Plain.

He made frequent appeals to God in his role as President of the Continental Congress and Governor of Massachusetts. In these public positions, he made many statements of praise and thanks to God for His blessings in the fight for independence, made public requests for prayer and repentance and asserted that God was in control of America’s destiny. Hancock also advocated state support of religious institutions.

Some statements revealing his religious faith from some of his public statements and proclamations include:

  • In a letter to the Continental Army in March 1776, Hancock proclaimed that the same God who had foiled British efforts to conquer Massachusetts would defeat their “deep-laid scheme” against the other colonies as well.
  • In an appeal to all the colonies in September 1776, he stated that members of Congress relied “on Heaven for the justice of our cause.”
  • He also said, “I am persuaded under the gracious smiles of Providence, assisted by our own most strenuous endeavors, we shall finally succeed.”
  • From his inaugural address as governor in 1780, Hancock thanked God for “the peaceable and auspicious” adoption of the new state constitution.
  • In 1782 Hancock reassured members of the Massachusetts legislature that “the favor of heaven” would eventually establish America’s righteous claims.
  • Hancock’s Thanksgiving proclamation the following year encouraged citizens to express their gratitude for God’s numerous blessings and to recognize that their “entire Dependence” was on “His Goodness and Bounty.”

Here are some other well known quotes from him.

“Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christian and social duty of each individual. … Continue steadfast and, with a proper sense of your dependence on God, nobly defend those rights which heaven gave, and no man ought to take from us.” 
History of the United States of America, Vol. II, p. 229.

And in his Boston Massacre oration he stated,

I have the most animating confidence that the present noble struggle for liberty will terminate gloriously for America. And let us play the man for our God, and for the cities of our God; while we are using the means in our power, let us humbly commit our righteous cause to the great Lord of the Universe, who loveth righteousness and hateth iniquity. And having secured the approbation of our hearts, by a faithful and unwearied discharge of our duty to our country, let us joyfully leave our concerns in the hands of him who raiseth up and pulleth down the empires and kingdoms of the world as he pleases; and with cheerful submission to his sovereign will, devoutly say: “Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labor of the olive shall fail, and the field shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls; yet we will rejoice in the Lord, we will joy in the God of our salvation.”


Let us not forget the great faith and sacrifice of our founding fathers.  I believe that the LORD is still looking for those with great faith to lay down their lives, fortunes, and honor not just for the freedoms of this nation but most of all for His Kingdom.

NEXT POST: Samuel Adams

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The Moravian Revival

Well folks this is what we have all been waiting for!  Thanks for the patience to all my faithful followers.  Here are the past posts if you missed any: MORAVIAN MOVE SERIES.


August 13, 1727 was a day not to be forgotten to those who lived in the community at Hernhut.  Now as you know from the previous post, this community of Christian believers had held a variety of doctrines and beliefs when it came to their faith.  There were many persecuted denominations represented including the Moravian Brethren (Unity of Brethren), Lutherans, Reformist, Schwenkfelders, Calvanists, separatists, and Baptists. A few months prior to that day, the community was in turmoil due to bickering and quarreling over their religious differences.

Count Zinzendorf, the owner and visionary of the land was grieved over the disunity of the Christian community.  And during the month of May 1727, he and his family came to permanently live in Hernhut. He gave his life to see this home of refugees be a place filled with the presence of God.  His passion to see this come to pass drove him to a deeper level of prayer for the people at Hernut.  He taught fiercely on the unity of Christians found in the Bible, the importance of prayer, and he also had the members sign a “Brotherly Agreement.”

He called all of them, “to seek out and emphasize the points in which they agreed”

This dedicated approach from Zinzendorf blew open the doors of grace for a great level of repentance, prayer, and unity! After this raising of a new standard, passionate prayer groups started up and new hymns flowed forth giving praise to the Savior.  God’s presence, unity and intercession increased through out the summer and much travail went out from Hernhut for even more of His presence.

It was August the thirteenth when Zinzendorf called the congregation for a special communion early that Wednesday morning.  Then it happened; the whole community felt the tangible outpouring of the Holy Spirit!  This was a moment that was unexplainable to many but was said to be much like the day of Pentecost recorded in the book of Acts 2.

Rev John Greenfield a Moravian historian said, “They hardly knew if they had been on earth or in heaven.” in his book Power from on High.

James Montgomery a Moravian Hymn writer, wrote this piece later on describing the event:

“They walked with God in peace and love, But failed with one another; While sternly for the Faith they strove, Brother fell out with brother; But He in whom they put their trust, Who knew their frames that they were dust, Pitied and healed their weakness. He found them in His House of Prayer, With one accord assembled; And so revealed His presence there, They wept with joy and trembled: One cup they drank, one bread they brake, One baptism shared, one language spake, Forgiving and forgiven. Then forth they went with tongues aflame In one blest theme delighting; The love of Jesus and His name, God’s children all uniting; That love our theme and watchword still, Thy law of love may we fulfill, And love as we are loved.”

It was a glorious day for the Moravians that launched a deeper passion for God’s Word, prayer, Hymns, and eventually missions. From this day forth they held meetings three times a day (4am 9am and 9pm) to pray and give thanks to God.

They also established 24-7 prayer! They started with 24 men and 24 women, each being assigned to one hour of the day to pray and they dubbed it Hourly Intercession.  Yes, it is true that this 24-7 prayer model lasted 100 years! This developed what they called Daily Watchwords resulting in one of the oldest and most popular daily devotionals.

Out of their prayer meetings they received a great zeal for missions.  They ended up sending out many missionaries’ abroad being among the first to reach out to slaves.  The Moravian missionary’s even made it to the United States and received a burden to spread the gospel to the Native Americans.

The missionaries going out from Hernhut were fearless unto death for the sake of Christ.  This Moravian mission movement was the first successful wide spread surge from the protestant reformation.  Zinzendorf and the Moravians helped lay a foundation for the great mission move that followed in the 18th century with men like William Carey.

The Hernhut community was modeled and duplicated near and far while small renewal groups broke out all across Europe.



Does this inspire you at all???  It has definitely impacted me.  Last year I  got caught up in the “quarreling” of doctrine and theology and nothing was accomplished.  I have seen how ugly and immature it can get.  The end result of being in it and watching it from a distance caused me to realize that I need to be in His Word, prayer, and fellowship.

The Moravians were not perfect (who is but Christ) but I admire Count Zinzendorf for his bold leadership and convictions that lead him to find the good and common ground that each member had.  I personally think the Body of Christ needs to come back to this reality.  There are even more denominations and church splits in this day and age than ever before, let’s face it we probably will never fully agree on everything! So let us move forward in our love for Christ and our love for one another…isn’t that what He called us too?

I am hungry for this type of outpouring on the Church again.  I do not believe that the outpouring of Holy Spirit was a one time thing, I do believe that He wants to pour out His Spirit at an even greater measure today!  We saw it in the book of Acts and you can see it displayed through this Moravian Move and with other historical revivals.  The believers started in fellowship and prayer and the result was a great outpouring which lead to even greater prayer and fellowship PLUS souls saved for Christ!!!

What are your thoughts?



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Count Zinzendorf


Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf had a very unique upbringing.  In 1700 he was born into a noble family, his father passed away shortly after his birth and he was raised and heavily influenced by his Piest grandmother.  He had a mind and heart to pursue the things of the LORD from a very young age, while his family directed him into the steps of his father’s noble heritage and government occupation; he meekly achieved his royal title as a count (English nobleman) as well as becoming the king’s judicial counselor at the end of his schooling.

Nicolaus went to a Piest school causing him to seek after a personal and intimate relationship with Christ through prayer, reading the Bible, and fellowship.  He then attended the University of Wittenberg, famous for the posting of Martin Luther’s 95 theses and was influenced by Lutheran theology.  He carried this unique upbringing with him being a devout follower of Christ and a devout Nobleman to his country; a devout Piest and a devout Lutheran.  His early years were marked with a personal heart for Christ while upholding his noble duties.

In 1722 some big events took place in Zinzendorf’s life.  He got married and he purchased his grandmother’s large estate in hopes to provide a place of refuge for any and all persecuted Christians of his day.  Amazingly, shortly after this purchase, some Unity of Brethren in need of a place of safety approached Zinzendorf.  The count gladly gave them a place to dwell and they named the area, Hernhut, which means, “The Lords’ Watch”.


It was at Hernhut where Count Zinzendorf’s true calling sprung forth.  Hernhut quickly became a haven for Christian refugees and not just for the Unity of Brethren but also for other persecuted Christians (Lutherans, Reformed, Schwenkfelders, Calvanists, separatists, and Moravians), all with differing doctrine and theology.  This was exactly what Zinzendorf had envisioned but he was not expecting the conflict and disorder that would spring up from the theological debates and quarreling.  By 1727 Zinzendorf had had enough of all the strife and moved to Hernhut full time to work out these theological differences among the people.  He built his permanent house there and named it Bethel; it was said to be very simple and open for the community.

Count Zinzendorf started off by going to each individual’s house and entered into prayer with each member.  He then assembled everyone together and vigorously taught from Scripture on how a Christian community should live, bringing the importance of loving God and one another to the forefront.  His intentions for everyone were to seek out and emphasize the points in which everyone agreed.  The result was shared by his close friend Spangenberg,

“On that day, the Count made a covenant with the people, in the presence of God. The brethren individually engaged to belong entirely to the Saviour. They were ashamed of their religious quarrels, and were unanimously disposed to bury them in oblivion. They also sincerely renounced self-love, self-will, disobedience, and freethinking. They were desirous of becoming poor in spirit; none of them sought a preference above the rest; and each one wished to be taught by the Holy Spirit in all things; they were not only convinced, but carried away and overpowered by the operating grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

He also came up with a voluntary discipline for the community, called the Brotherly Agreement.  It was this agreement that is said to have activated the Pentecostal move that took place three months later (WHICH WE WILL HIT NEXT!).  The agreement brought forth love as being the grounds for their common unity, which in turn intensified their prayer and Bible study gatherings.

Count Zinzendorf being raised Piest and taking on some Lutheran doctrine was not looking to start another church at the time but was having a hard time with the intellectual state of the Lutheran Church and he wanted to see a heart to heart relationship with the Lutherans and God.  Zinzendorf became the leader of what was called the Moravian Church, but he considered it to be under the Lutheran church.

Eventually Zinzendorf became well known to all the European and American religious leaders of the 18th century.  Count Zinzendorf was known for his strong lifestyle of prayer and fasting, missions, writing hymns, and community. The Count eventually left Hernhut traveling as a pilgrim from place place to spread the Gospel.  There were those that continued to follow him and he crossed paths with great men such as Charles and John Wesley.  After visiting America he had a burden to witness to the Native Americans and had already started a great missions movement out of Hernhut after the revival of 1727.

Towards the end of Count Zinzendorf’s life he was either loved or hated.  His passion for becoming one with Christ and His afflictions went to the extreme and he and his followers became rejected by many.  Zinzendorf lost his son and wife and started to become road weary from all of the extended travel.  Although Count Zinzendorf had his ups and downs and wrongs and rights, I believe he was a forerunner for the prayer and missions movement that we are seeing today.  At the end of his life he was seen as humbled.  He passed away at the age of 60 in 1760.

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(This is what I have been building up too…finally!)


Here is one of his more well known hymns: Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness

Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness

My beauty are, my glorious dress;

’Midst flaming worlds, in these arrayed,

With joy shall I lift up my head.


Bold shall I stand in Thy great day;

For who aught to my charge shall lay?

Fully absolved through these I am

From sin and fear, from guilt and shame.


The holy, meek, unspotted Lamb,

Who from the Father’s bosom came,

Who died for me, e’en me to atone,

Now for my Lord and God I own.


Lord, I believe Thy precious blood,

Which, at the mercy seat of God,

Forever doth for sinners plead,

For me, e’en for my soul, was shed.


Lord, I believe were sinners more

Than sands upon the ocean shore,

Thou hast for all a ransom paid,

For all a full atonement made.


When from the dust of death I rise

To claim my mansion in the skies,

Ev’n then this shall be all my plea,

Jesus hath lived, hath died, for me.


This spotless robe the same appears,

When ruined nature sinks in years;

No age can change its glorious hue,

The robe of Christ is ever new.


Jesus, the endless praise to Thee,

Whose boundless mercy hath for me—

For me a full atonement made,

An everlasting ransom paid.


O let the dead now hear Thy voice;

Now bid Thy banished ones rejoice;

Their beauty this, their glorious dress,

Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness.

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