Caught Red Handed


Today was not just another, “walk in the park“; today was an experience that I have never felt before. Today was a move of HISTORY!  I was apart of the 6th annual WALK FOR LIFE, west coast!  Rain and shine, 40,000 peaceful protesters marched a 2 mile stretch down past all the piers of San Francisco towards the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was a beautiful display of UNITY and DIVERSITY representing the BODY OF CHRIST as we peacefully proclaimed LIFE FOR THE UNBORN!

I have never really understood why people would be so strongly against this horrific act of abortion until being convicted this year.  I was never for it, but now I understand how this grieves and pulls apart the heart of God.  We are destroying the very image of our God and Creator!  The blood of the innocent is being spilled all across our nation and it is very displeasing to the One who gave us the breath of LIFE.  My heart has been awakened by this move of abortion that has taken 48,589,993 babies just in the U.S. since 1973.  I would like to compare this number to the 655,000 soldiers that died in all the U.S. wars since 1776!  Those brave men of honor fought for our freedom and protection.  Are we willing to fight for the LIFE of even the most innocent of our nation, the unborn in the wombs of our mothers?

Would it Bother Us More if They Used Guns? (Fuchsia) | Abortion Unfiltered

I believe that there will be a turn of JUSTICE on this issue of abortion, in my LIFEtime!  No longer will our nation be a nation that stands on the side of MURDER!  The facts are out and abortion clinics have been CAUGHT RED HANDED! The only innocent blood that I accept over me is that of my LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.  That was to cover my sins and the sins of all mankind…yes I was BOUGHT RED HANDED! A fetus is a HUMAN BEING not a “blood-clot” or an “inconvenience”!  The killing of the unborn has given planned parenthood $1.02 Billion total income according to their 2006-2007 fiscal year! I will tell you this; just ONE LIFE is more valuable than that!  This “giant” has been taunting us for too long! It’s time for THIS GENERATION to STAND UP and RUN INTO BATTLE!!!

Will you hear the call? Will you join the fight?  Will you STAND FOR LIFE?

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