Desperate for His Presence: Gods Design to Transform Your Life and Your City Desperate for His Presence: Gods Design to Transform Your Life and Your City by Rhonda Hughey

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Do you have a passion or dream to see your City taken over and transformed into a place of Revival and Refuge for all those that are in it? Well if so, this book covers a lot of different areas and aspects that need to come together for that to happen. I’m sure you don’t need to read this book to know that it starts with YOU AND ME! But are we wiling to “move beyond convenience and personal comfort?” Rhonda states that, “Desperation is the key to transformation.” It all starts with our relationship with Jesus. Are we willing to die to ourselves and allow His Spirit to help us as we give everything to Jesus! John 15:5 says, ” Without Me you can do nothing.” If we are trying to get God into our cities by building it through our own efforts…it’s not going to go anywhere at all. Has the condition of your City broken your heart and drawn you into intercession for a breakthrough of His presence? God has a plan for His people and the cities of this world and He’s using His Bride to accomplish it! Things may not look pretty now, but Rhonda shares a very encouraging message of Restoration that will bring transformation to the Bride. This renewing of the Bride will flow from the inside out into the cities of the world! What a mighty God we serve.

In the book there are 9 important “Transitions for Kingdom Vision” that Rhonda shares. Now I’m not going to share it all…hopefully this will inspire you to read the book and take a hold of it for yourself: D

1. From Suspicion to Trust: Being, “Willing to share ministries for the glory of God.”

2. Functional Unity to Relational Unity: “Unified together for the sake of a ministry project…to a deeper level of relationship with one another and have experienced a real covenant relationship.”

3. Horizontal Agreement to Vertical Agreement: “Unity and agreement with one another…to our unity and agreement with the Lord.”

4. Revival Visitation to Transforming Habitation: “God intends to transform our cities, and not just visit them.”

5. Empire Building to Kingdom Building: From being, “More impressed with what we are building…..[to doing] what the Lord wants to build.”

So if you are Desperate for more of His presence in your life and in your city I do recommend this book to you! This book also encourages the heart to grow in Love towards the Father, so it might be a good read for this New Year 🙂

“History-Makers are always desperate people.” Rhonda Hughey

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