For those of you that did not know, today is Earth day!

I have not been a big fan of, “special days”, that are not important enough to make it an official holiday. To me Earth Day is a lot like Groundhogs day, I’m not sure what purpose they serve. So to find out more about this day I went to, yes, Wikipedia! I found out that today is, “a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.” That got me asking, well who was “inspired” to “design” the Earth and its environment?

Now because this is a site set up to share history as well as truth I thought I would go to, “The Beginning” , also known as Genesis. There is no better place to start than the origin of it all.

So I opened up my Bible to Genesis 1:1 and it says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”

The rest of the verses go on explaining the creation process of Earth. God created: light, day, night, water, sky, land, seas, vegetation, fruit, sun, moon, birds, livestock, man, and last but not least, woman. In reading those verses and looking about my “environment” it’s impossible not to see the hand print of God  in all of this. He created the perfect “environment” for us to survive!  It was all created for us because God,  is a very loving, intelligent, provider, and creator of the entire Universe.  So He created Earth for us and created us in His image,  how amazing is that?

So after doing this “deep” research, I believe that everyday is Earth day! God has given us all that we need to live and has even provided for the birds and the beast of the field; there is no need to fret about what tomorrow may bring. Let’s give thanks to our Creator each day for this wonderful “environment” that He has created for us. Be faithful with little and He will trust us with more (Matthew 25:21), I can’t even imagine what “more” could like but I know heaven has a lot to do with it!

If only we gave true honor and respect to our Creator, I’m sure we would have countless days reserved for Him and possibly even a “Heaven Day”, but I’m sure that will come soon enough 😀

Thanks for reading,

Patrick Judah

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