Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ: Madame Guyon

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (Library of Spiritual Classics, Volume 2)Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ by Jeanne Marie Bouvier De LA Motte Guyon

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As a believer we should all be learning from the scripture on how to go deeper in the depths of Jesus Christ, Madame Guyon has tapped into this reality through simple and practical steps. As she puts it, “We have all been called to the depths of Christ just as surely as we have been called to salvation.” This book carries spiritual authority that can be applied for every believer today! The impact of this book has affected many saints of old and new and these writings completely shook the Roman Catholic Church. Some called her a heretic for these writings, for which she was imprisoned for; others handed out as many copies as they could which in turn affected entire towns.

I am still processing and learning all that was released in this book and in no way have I reached the depths that Madam Guyon goes into, but I’ve tasted just a little bit to want dive into this deep experience with our Lord. She encourages the reader to continue to advance past each step while laying aside everything else but the Word of the Lord, allowing them to speak to you; you don’t even have to say anything! She starts with the very easy and practical way of prayer reading the scripture, to pure abandonment after Him, “By withdrawing from outward objects, you will constantly draw nearer to God.” I cannot stress enough on how simple it is, but at the same time, for me and probably for many other beginners, there is still a lot of “undoing” and simplifying that is not easy to do. It’s easy to give up and walk away from these truths that Madame Guyon talks about but we are all called to this place of intimacy and we must press in with the Holy Spirit leading us.

I have been very encouraged by this book and plan on reading it many times over as I continue my walk with the Lord. This spiritual engaging with the “Union of God” takes much time and practice…just like anything that you want to be good at! Madame Guyon states it simply, “When something is repeated over and over, it becomes a habit. This is true even of your soul. After much practice your soul forms the habit turning inward to God.” We should all be attaining to reach these depths not through striving and religious duties but out of pure love for Jesus. She states, “If you love Him, you love everything about Him.” How can we draw closer to Him if we don’t continually turn our hearts, souls, and minds, inwards to Him to listen and to gaze upon our beautiful Creator. Jesus loves us all but, “The Lord is very jealous over any saint who is utterly abandoned to Him.”

I know this book will impact your life, take some time to read and re-read it when you can and watch your prayer life explode and your relationship with Jesus catch fire!


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One thought on “Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ: Madame Guyon

  • The book is surely as winner. It was often read by great spiritual leaders such as John Wesley, Jesse Penn-Lewis, Fenelon, Count Zinzendorf, Hudson Taylor, Watchman Nee and others. She was persecuted and imprisoned by the Catholic church for years for promoting such a bible based, Christ-entered and grace generated spiritual devotion. The challange today is how to become so detached from the world so as to practice what she modeled over 300 years ago. But the fact of the matter, her life puts to shame the vast majority of Christians today, Catholic and Protestant. We must become detached from the world and become devoted to the Lord if we are to survive coming storms of judgment coming against church, family, society and self.

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