Growing in Prayer

Growing in Prayer

Growing in Prayer – By Mike Bickle

(Charisma House • 295 pages • 2014)

If you have a desire to see your personal prayer life grow, then this truly is the book for you!

“The best thing all of us can do to improve ourselves, our lives, and our relationships is to grow in prayer.” Mike Bickle

I know we all have our new year resolutions, dreams and goals – BUT, what does your prayer life look like?  Seriously?  The more I read about past revivals, the more I see the deep connection to a praying people.  When I read about saints of old who walked in ‘truth, love, & power’, I see a depth of prayer in their lives.  Even more so, when I study the life of Christ – I cannot see ALL that Jesus did and neglect the fact that He valued and lived a life of prayer!  If growing in your love for Jesus and loving others well is on your new year resolutions list (hopefully at the top) then it would do you a great service to get a prayer life!

This book, Growing in Prayer by Mike Bickle, is thorough, practical and encouraging! It will guide you through some helpful ways on how to engage with God and His Word so that you can maintain an enjoyable prayer life with the One who delights in you.  Your understanding on the Biblical importance of prayer will increase and it will connect you to why your prayers (personal and corporate) matter today!  And seeing how the unique dynamics of prayer and worship is exploding across the globe today in partnership with mission’s organizations to see the fulfillment of the Great Commission, will encourage you!

There is a wealth of knowledge in this book that can be applied to every believer’s life.  Mike Bickle has 40 years of ministry experience and has been setting himself in the place of prayer for longer than I have been around! I have been revived by the content in this book and I pray that it will stir you up too!

If you want to get started on growing your prayer life today – then I will give you Mike’s 3 quick points. But I encourage you to get a copy of his book for yourself!

  1. Schedule your prayer time _ WHEN to PRAY
  2. Make a prayer list _ WHAT to PRAY
  3. Cultivate a right view of God_ WANT to PRAY

Often times we use the start of a new year to improve our finances, marketplace skills, relationships, bodies, eating habits, etc.. I want to encourage you to start this year off with growing in your prayer life.  Developing a lifestyle of prayer, to engage with the Living God, will be one of the greatest things you give your time, energy and resources to!

“We have time for what we truly care about.” Mike Bickle

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