History Is Hiring!


It’s time to spark this carcass out of darkness and obscurity
It’s time for a swiftness from this witness no more sickness and insecurity

To long have we let time pass while standing in the background

This nation was founded by vocal leaders that would not back down
So we need to use the voice He’s given us, even if it has a rap sound
Will we still have our faith when persecutors start to crack down?

It’s time for a Faith that won’t chase every face that claims “hope”
It’s time for a Light to be bright in the site of the scope

To long have our priority’s been backwards
We may have all the right words to say, but our lives sill lack verbs
While were, “waiting for this moment to arise”, like blackbirds
Well, the moment is here so let’s act first

It’s time to hoist this voice to make a choice so VOTE
It’s time for the youth to tear through the roof with the truth that He wrote

To long have we let important moral issues sit on the back burner
It’s too easy to agree with the media and become a slack learner
Read about history yourself and become a paperback turner
What else has the government taken from you other than being your income tax earner?

It’s time to receive on bended knees w/ rolled up sleeves what’s coming from Above
It’s time to know for us to grow we must know His Love

It’s easy to not see Him and become a back biter
But it’s in “God we trust” always giving even when our stacks tighter
Endure the bumps and bruises and become a contact fighter
History is hiring, NOW is the time to be a paperback writer!!!

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