Insight to IHOPKC

Insight to IHOPKC



Hello Friends –


I wanted to give you guys some fresh insight to what takes place at IHOPKC as our family prepares for the internship out there(Click for previous post).  Aimee and I have been tracking with IHOPKC for our entire relationship and have even gone out there on several occasions, so we have some idea of what to expect.  But I wanted to share something that my dad wrote from his time out there earlier this year.  I love and respect my dad very much and hope that this will give you a clearer picture of the heart and mission behind this ministry of the International House of Prayer.

The worship and prayer that continues on stage in the front is what dominates the atmosphere in the room. The worship of Jesus is sincere, humble, and authentic throughout the rotation of worship team sets. Each of the twelve worship teams of young singers and musicians is responsible for one two hour set. They rotate throughout the day and night, so that Jesus is being honored and praised continuously. Most singers, worship leaders & musicians have committed to a three to four-year lifestyle of prayer, fasting, purity before the Lord, training in voice & instrument skills, Bible teaching, works of volunteer service in the community before they have earned a place on a prayer room worship team. The integrity is noteworthy. It’s not like someone just walks in off the street and starts singing worship songs.

 All staff at IHOP missions base – which includes all singers, musicians, media technicians, university professors, maintenance folk, administration & clerical staff, internship team leaders, etc. – do not receive a salary. They are “missionary intercessors” who generate their own financial support base in order to do what God has called them to do. Besides the responsibilities of their individual staff assignment, they also commit to a minimum of 20 hours a week in the prayer room, a weekly one-to-two day fast, and monthly 3-day fast on the first Monday – Wednesday of each month.

 Is everything perfect in the prayer room? No. When compared with the worship and adoration that surrounds the Lord in heaven, there’s a long way to go 🙂 However, the devotion and sincerity is as good as anything I have experienced in my life. Is there room for improvement in the prayer room? Of course. And the senior leadership team here will be the first to say that “We are weak and broken people who, by the grace of God, are doing what He has called us to do as we grow in becoming closer to what He desires.”

 The quality, sincerity, and reality of devotion and worship of Jesus Christ is the heartbeat of what happens in the Prayer Room. Anyone who desires to worship Jesus may quickly enter in.

 Let me put this question to rest in case any of you have read online or had someone say to you that IHOP is a cult. It is absolutely not a cult. It is not filled with misdirected and/or demonically deluded charismatic fanatics – like some – even in the Church – might say. The people here are just like us folks back home. They are fully Christian. They love Jesus, and what He has done for them. They love the Word of God and are seeking to align all of their life with what it teaches.

 So what in my mind distinguishes them from much of the “Church in the West”? It’s not religious. It’s real. There is no hype or manipulation. It’s a missionary & service mindset – from the senior leadership down to the part time volunteer. From one who has been a Christian for over forty years, what I have seen & experienced so far I am encouraged, refreshed, inspired and challenged. The community of believers that I witness here at IHOP all have a high level of commitment to the Worth of Jesus, His love for them, and His love for the earth & all of its inhabitants, and His Word.

This comes across in the classes we are taking, in the people we meet, in the services we attend, and in our hours in the prayer room. The Missions Base at the International House of Prayer is one of the bright spots in our darkening world (TY ATKINS – FEB 2016)


Our family is very much looking forward to joining in the prayers and worship of the saints as we are trained and equipped in the Word. Again, please be praying for us as we prepare for this trip and let us know if you have any questions!


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