Jesus Culture: Living a Life That Transforms the World Jesus Culture: Living a Life That Transforms the World by Banning Liebscher

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Do you want to know what it takes to be a revivalist? Read this book and you will receive some very insightful keys to see revival unlocked in your city, state, and nation! Banning shares some inspiring stories from his life and others that are encouraging and fueling for your own fire. He also shares what these “burning ones” will look like and what must take place for us to start moving in that direction.

In the chapter “The Rod and the Sword”, Banning reveals why it is important for the generations to come in alliance with each other and points out how it will be, “a vital key to seeing revival sustained”.

Throughout the book he also talks about how this “New Breed” will no who they are and where they are going with boldness and courage. When I started reading this book, my heart would leap as he shared what needs to be done. I know I’m not there but this gave me a direction of where to go next and how to pursue it. He also covers some foundational points that are often times over looked. Like shining your light in the public! Living with Grace! Having intimacy with Jesus! Now I know some of these things we have heard before, but it is important to understand the role of these foundational roots so that we can stay grounded when we are in revival.

Now your going to have to read this yourselves, but he also gives 4 powerful steps on how to keep SUSTAINED PRAYER that I found really helpful!

After reading this and seeing all the key points that are vital for all of us to see revival sustained, I know it’s right around the corner…..why else would we all be here???

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