Keith Green

Keith Green

No Compromise: The Life Story of Keith Green No Compromise: The Life Story of Keith Green by Melody Green

My rating: 5 of 5 stars READ THIS BOOK, “No Compromise- The Life Story of Keith Green”! Keith’s story will not only make you want to have amazing long curly hair and mad skills to jam on the piano with no restraints; it will change your life! Weather you are a believer or not, a musician or not, this amazing testimony from Keith will rock you to the core! From start to end; Keith had passion, talent, and natural leadership skills. You will find out how his journey for something “greater” went from the hippie love/drug scene in the 1970’s, to the beginnings of a new life in Christ which supernaturally launched Keith into a forefront message that still needs to be heard today!

This “Life Story” written by Melody Green, Keith’s wife, gives wonderful insight to the man behind the music and the message. Melody shares their intense story as well as allowing us to read Keith’s thoughts directly from his journal entries! Keith was not satisfied with the things of the world that he kept chasing after; Keith was not satisfied until he experienced the only One that could truly satisfy his hearts longings. When Keith and Melody found Jesus, their lives turned around in a heart beat! Although they were young in their faith…they had found what they were longing for and held onto it with no compromises! In Keith’s black and white vision he took the Word of the Lord as truth and made sure that everyone that came across his path took it for truth as well. This new lifestyle immediately launched them into ministry, a new and powerful kind of music, as well as an ever growing hunger to see the lost saved through the message that the Lord had placed in Keith’s heart.

Keith and Melody realized how important prayer was and before every big decision they sought the Lord through prayer and fasting! Keith said, “Our whole life should be a prayer!” I believe it was this foundational truth that continued to humble the Greens as they allowed the Lord to lead them in all aspects of their lives. Keith Green really had a heart that chased after the Lord, much like King David. He longed to spread revival, learning patience in the process.  Keith was able to mature quickly in his walk as he was constantly surrounded by “newbie’s” in the faith that had him pouring out what he knew all the time. This caused him to go deeper for more so he could pour out more. Keith was also blessed with some “big” connections of wise council that allowed him to see and grow even more. From reading this book it sounded like he was always going while passing on everything he was learning to those that were in his sphere of influence. Although he was not perfect he longed to be closer to God.

Keith’s music career quickly launched him to the top of the Christian music arena. He remained humble and dedicated to the Lord, saying, “If someone writes a great story, people praise the author, not the pen. People don’t say ‘Oh what an incredible pen…where can I get a pen like this so I can write great stories?’ Well, I am just a pen in the hands of the Lord. He is the author. All praise should go to him.”

Keith recognized that it was the Lord that blessed him musically, so he allowed that to be the “tool” to share His message. What was the message that he and his “Last Days Ministries” shared? “Quit compromising with the world and start living radically committed lives” and have “A radical relationship with God, without the trappings of religious systems or dead institutions.” This message was preached to millions across the globe and thanks to Melody and the team it is still being shared today! This book really stirred my heart and caused me to reflect internally to see what I am compromising over Christ. I’ll be honest, I was in tears after hearing the messages that Keith preached. This book will bless you and encourage you to live a radically committed live to Jesus Christ! View all my reviews >>

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