‘Mary’ Christmas

‘Mary’ Christmas

Merry Christmas Friends and Family –


I purposely titled this post ‘Mary’ Christmas because of the content that I am about to share.  My wife and I decided to watch The Voice this year on NBC and we are really glad that we did!  We know that TV is not the place to go to get positive Christian songs or public’ thanks to God’, but there was a lot of that this year on #TheVoice.

We were really impressed with how many of the contestants acknowledge that they were singing to God and thanking Him for the opportunity.  Also, the ‘judges’ responses on the show were very encouraging and supportive of who the contestants were from the inside out.  Jordan Smith, the Finale winner, chose to sing, ‘Mary, Did You Know’ for one of his final performances on the show.  IT WAS VERY POWERFUL! Of all the Christmas songs written in the last 30 years, this one breaks out of the commercialized fluffy (often annoying) ‘christmas songs’ and brings it back to the meaning of why Jesus, the Christ, came to earth. The lyrics to this song share the entire Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I can honestly say that this is the best rendition given to date.  I am thankful that this special performance has aired all over the world and I pray that it softens hearts and opens eyes to the truth of the Gospel.  Here is the full video clip from Jordan Smith’s live performance. Enjoy and Merry Christmas –





To check out two other great songs from Jordan Smith – click the links below.

Great is Thy Faithfulness



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