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I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This is a wonderful time to give and receive natural gifts and as always His Super-Natural gifts.  Even though the message of Christ’s birth has been drowned out by the materialistic frenzy of this world, He still is the only Gift that will give us full access to our Father and eternal life in Heaven! This picture above puts everything in it’s proper perspective, Saint Nicholas was a wise man and knew who Christ was. I hope that you were all able to reflect on the meaning of Jesus this Christmas and are looking to Him as we step into this new year of 2010.

During this time of year I always find myself asking why and what’s next?  Why would Jesus, fully God, step down from His glorious place in heaven to dwell with us?  Are we really that special? Does He really want to have a real and intimate relationship with us? YES! He created us because He wanted to create something special for Him, something that not even His angels could give Him.  LOVE! He want’s us to LOVE HIM BECAUSE HE FIRST LOVED US! Jesus came to bring that message of LOVE and to reveal His Fathers Kingdom to us that has been lost by our own pride and sins.  He did not come begging for our LOVE but by revealing His own for us.  So much so that He took our sins on His back and was nailed to the Cross.  His LOVE covers a multitude of sins and now with Him we can walk in our true calling.  He was crucified for us and conquered death for us, so that we may have EVERLASTING LIFE!!! Thank you Jesus!  So yes, you are special and He does love you and He will not force us to love Him back.  To love is to be loved and there is no other God like Him and no love stronger and deeper than His.  You can’t lose!

As for what’s next?…Well that’s what I love most about my relationship with God.  He always has more to give us and to show us.  Even though looking back on this last year I am able to see a lot of my flaws, sins, and mistakes….I know I am made new each day with His LOVE, GRACE, and FORGIVENESS.  I can still draw closer to Him and He will draw closer to me!  Like I said everyday is a new day in His eyes, but with a new year around the corner I get really excited.  Looking back to where I was this time last year blows my mind.  He has given me so much more than I would have expected.  I would not be where I am today without His Holy Spirt in me; guiding me and pursuing me.  So I am already thankful for what He is going to show me this year and where He is going to take me.  THERE ARE NO LIMITS and if your a HISTORY MAKER like me, then it’s going to not only rock you….but it’s going to ROCK THE WORLD!  I challenge you all to lay down those idols and distractions that have taken your focus off of Christ this last year and to rededicate yourself to His purposes! So give Him praise and thanks and prepare your hearts for what He has for you next!  FREEDOM, LOVE, DREAMS, JOY, FINANCES, GRACE, FAITH, ENCOUNTERS, HOPE, PASSION, HOLINESS, PURITY, LIFE, INVENTIONS, NEW SOUNDS, UNDERSTANDING, WISDOM, POWER, STRENGTH, INSIGHT, GIFTS, AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!

God Bless you ALL,

Patrick Judah

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