Psalm 132:7



“Let us go into His dwelling place; Let us worship at His footstool.”  Psalm 132:7


How do you posture yourself when you worship?  Do you believe that we can actually go into His dwelling place and worship at His footstool?   In my last post, God Really Hears, I shared a message that talks about the importance of directing our prayers to a real person.  As believers we need to understand that our words really matter and they are not getting lost in space somewhere.  This is the same reality when it comes to our worship.  We are worshiping a person, named Jesus!  This verse tells us to enter into His dwelling place so that we can worship at His footstool.  The words that we sing matter and they should be directed to the King of kings who is enthroned in Heaven.  I believe worship and prayer go hand in hand, and it is all a sweet smelling incense to our Lord and Savior.


For this Worship Wednesday post I grabbed a set from the IHOP-KC archives. This is a great worship set led by Zac Dinsmore (For more archives from Zac, CLICK HERE). Use this free resource  of live 24/7 worship and prayer through out your week and enter into His dwelling place!

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