Pursuit of the Holy

Pursuit of the HolyPursuit of the Holy by Corey Russell

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I cannot stress the importance of reading, PURSUIT OF THE HOLY by Corey Russell enough!

I believe that this book touches on an area that has been completely lost in our day and age. As Corey points out, we are living in days similar to that of Hosea 4:1 “There is no truth or mercy or knowledge of God in the land.” Reading this has launched me into going after God for who HE says He is and not my own personal idea of whom I have made Him out to be. There are so many different swirls and ideas out there in the Church and in the world that are being tossed around, but the simple fact of the matter is…WE NEED TO KNOW WHO HE IS FOR OURSELVES! Let this book be a diving board into your journey with God, as Corey lays out a very biblical foundation on Scripture that will only lead you closer to Him and His Word.

Pursuit of the Holy digs into the importance of why we must come back to a place of truly understanding God! Corey simply draws out the “gold nuggets” found in the first section of Proverbs 2 (as well as other scriptures from the Bible) and breaks it down in such a way that causes your heart to burn for these realities. This book will provoke you to seek Jesus whole-heartedly no matter the cost. Are you hungry for the deeper things right now? Corey says, “Those who cannot live without God, do not live without God; those who can live without Him, do. It’s that simple” Trust me, you do not want to miss out on the deeper things of the Lord!

To sum it up Corey stresses the importance of having a true and biblical awareness of who He is so that we can approach and pursue Him today. These things are not to be taken lightly but they will lead you into a great understanding and knowledge of the Living God. “The number one hindrance to knowing God is knowing about God.” – Corey Russell

Read this book and your heart will start burning and will not be satisfied until you truly know Him for yourself!

Pursuit of the Holy

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