Read It, Sing It, Pray It

Read It, Sing It, Pray It

Hello Friends –

I can’t believe that we are already on our sixth week out here in the Barbecue Capitol of the World!  The Intro To IHOPKC internship has been an extremely impactful track so far.  We have been challenged and stretched doing this as a family and yet we have gotten a great deal of training and prayer room time thus far.  It still feels crazy that we are actually out here walking out something that we have been seeking the Lord about – off and on for about 9 years now! The YES in our hearts is to love Jesus and to bring Him glory. There are many more aspects to this yes, but there is no greater commandment than to LOVE HIM. We have a burning on our hearts to give Him the worship that He deserves and to lift our voices in intercession.

Choosing to leave the familiar things in our lives to have a season set apart for our family was not easy, but has been a treasured journey. Jesus asked His disciples to leave everything and follow Him… When He moves our hearts for a season to get up and follow Him I want to be found obedient and lovesick after Him. He created longing and when we ache for His presence He wants us to be active in seeking Him out. We are now immersed in a time and place dedicated to worshiping Him and standing in the gap as intercessors contending for the things on His heart.

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We wanted this post to fill you in on what a typical week looks like to help you better connect with what we are doing out here.  Monday is actually our day off – yes, we have one day that is a compete free day.  We typically take the kids to a park since there seems to be a new one to discover each week.  All the parks have been completely different and the girls have thoroughly enjoyed them.  There are parks with ropes, parks with playgrounds, parks with roses, parks with ponies, parks with fountains and parks with gardens and so much more.  We are saving the rainy days to explore the museums! Mondays have been full of fun family time.


Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s have been packed with teachings and testimonies from the IHOPKC staff. The topics have all flowed out of these three themes: Passion (Intimacy), Intercession (Night & Day Prayer) and Preparation (Urgency of the hour and Jesus’ return).  These themes also correspond with the Biblical aspects of the person of Christ seen as Bridegroom, King and Judge. It is powerful when we see that our identity is hidden in Christ (Col 3:3) and how these facets of His beauty will unfold who He desires us to be before Him.  Some of the teachings have been completely new and have rocked us for the first time.  Others we have heard before but have a new take away that we may not have caught the first time.  The biggest thing this time around is going into the prayer room afterwards and chewing on it and actually wrestling with it and in some cases, applying it!

Thursday mornings we meet at our Core Leaders house and get to connect with our team (there are 2 teams in track 1) and hear each others God stories.  We gather and have breakfast together and get to connect and prophesy over one another.  Our team has people from Virginia, England, Australia, Scotland, Egypt, Pennsylvania, and Texas.  It is a great group of friends and fitting that we all chose to leave our ‘normal’ lives at the same time to pursue Jesus in this way. What a blessing to be around people that are in a similar season as us!

Our Friday class time is focused on practical tools for prayer in a private and corporate setting. Some of these topics have included: Participating in the Prayer Room, Developing a Prayer List, Cultivating a Consistent Devotion, Praying Biblical Prayers (The Apostolic Prayers and Praying the Psalms).  Then on Friday nights we attend the Encountering God Service. Mike Bickle is teaching a series called, Studies in the Life of Christ, I highly recommend for you to jump in and listen when you can!  Saturday’s we pick 4 hours of prayer room time and then usually go out to a park and try to prep for the week. On Sunday’s we go to the early service at Forerunner Christian Fellowship as a family and then one of us stays to serve in the 2 year old class for the second service.


Our time in the Prayer Room has been phenomenal!  Overall we spend 22 hours a week in the prayer room and this is where the rubber hits the road.  It is not always easy to dial down and actually connect with the prayer and worship, but there are powerful pockets where there is that presence. The thing that I am learning to understand about ministry to Jesus is it’s not always about the ‘goose bump’ moments or the ‘feel goods’; it’s about directing my time, attention and heart  to the Man Jesus and saying He is worthy of it all regardless of what I feel in that moment.  We have also found ourselves growing in love with the written word as we read it, sing it, and pray it – ultimately to encounter the Living Word.

The girls are growing so much in their time out here.  They also have classes in the morning that run concurrent to ours Tuesday-Friday from 9am to 12pm.  This is not a child care system but a powerful equipping center that they are plugged in to!  I love hearing all the things that the are learning about each day.  Some days they join us in the prayer room and other days we trade our time at the house with them.  Our whole family has been able to sit in on a two hour prayer cycle a handful of times and that is always a good day!  Liberty has an evening class once a week where she learns the Harp (Worship) and Bowl (Intercession) prayer model that IHOPKC uses.  This is not a scaled down version for the kids, this is the real thing! Liberty gets to sing or prayer lead on the microphone! It warms our hearts to see the treasures of our lives receiving such depth in their early years.




Thank you for reading and joining in with us on this journey!


We are so grateful to be able to do this and we could not have done it with out you!


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