Reproduce Righteousness

Reproduce Righteousness

“History reveals that we will reproduce converts after our own kind.  We will impart what we possess into those new believers.”  – Mike Bickle

I just “tweeted” this quote today because I found it to be a true statement.  But I wanted to share what follows after as Mike Bickle shares out of his book, Passion for Jesus.

“God, don’t fully release the harvest until You release something in Your church that is worthy of imparting to the multitudes of new converts.  Don’t allow another generation of easily offended Christians who lust for money, power, position and pleasure to be birthed.  Please fill us with a more intimate knowledge of Your Son’s splendor and loveliness before You bring a multitude of new believers for us to train-until we all attain to unity, intimacy, and maturity.” (p. 120-121)

Before Jesus comes back, the Church will be made full in unity, intimacy, and maturity as Paul states in Ephesians 4:11-13.  This is a great gauge to see how close we really are to Christ’s Return.  So are you pursuing unity in faith or building your own ministry platform and walls?  Are you becoming intimate in the knowledge of the Son of God or trying to grow your own following and upping your social status?  Are you growing in spiritual maturity or have you allowed yourself to grow dull and stagnate?

I believe that there is a great outpouring of His Spirit on the horizon.  Let’s get back to what really matters and fix our gaze on Jesus!  What kind of believers are we going to raise up and reproduce with this coming harvest?  What do we have to impart?  Is it all head knowledge and past experiences or will we be able to impart fresh encounters and a real relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?

I want to impart a love for Jesus from my own abundance of love for Jesus!  I want to impart a living and active Word from abiding in the Living Word!  I want to see signs and miracles released because I have been set free and released by Him!  I want to live in the Light that draws men and captures their devotion to the King.  I know I can not impart my own history with Jesus but I want my history with Jesus to shine and compel others to live unto the Lord!

Bill Johnson says, “If you’ll make history with God, He’ll make history through you.”  Let’s make history with God by pursuing His Kingdom and His righteousness so that His Kingdom and Righteousness may be reproduced through us for others to be brought into.




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