Simple Obedience Changes History

Simple Obedience Changes History

Just as Bilbo Baggins shouts back to his neighbor as he leaves the beautiful comforts of the Shire,

“I’m going on an adventure!”



Greetings friends,

We are praying that the year 2017 is full of blessing and breakthrough, ‘That you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.’ We are excited to be starting this year off with momentum from our last 4 months out here at the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) in Kansas City, Missouri. Last year had its peaks and valleys for our family; looking back on it now we can see that there was a transition that brought us into a greater obedience of running after Him.

We shared in our last post, ‘Read it, Sing it, Pray it’, about what things have looked like out here for Track 1 of the internship and we want this post to fill you in more and give you an update on what lies ahead. As we have been in a posture of reflecting back on God’s FAITHFULNESS and the road that brought us to this point, it has been amazing to see how the Lord has been cultivating our hearts over these last 10 years!

Jumping back to some past history, 2006 was the year of “the black sheep” having Jesus encounters! I went from darkness to marvelous light, from lost to found, from hopeless to hopeful. After becoming friends with Aimee and seeing that she really lived for Jesus  <<MY LIFE CHANGED>>. She dragged me to a Jesus Culture conference and by the power of Christ I was set free from the addiction to marijuana and I started living for Him. From there the Holy Spirit led me into the Wilderness of Albuquerque so that I could be discipled, baptized, and commissioned. He brought me back so that I could be with Aimee and together we have been running after Him ever since!

December 2006
November 2016









Much has happened from then to now and we look forward to another post when we can take you through some of those pivotal points on our path. But our latest season concluded with more intimate knowledge of our Bridegroom King, growing deep in prayer and worship, developing beautiful friendships from around the world, and most importantly growing in our understanding of the WORTH of CHRIST and ministering to Him as a family.

It was in this 3-month internship of growing in the things of God where we really felt another tug to continue down this road. So, we have decided to take track 2 of this internship which will run through the end of April. Our hearts are being fed and our vision is being strengthened to see corporate prayer and worship expressed in every tribe tongue and nation until the return of the Lord. In light of the hour we are living in, we feel privileged to have our kids growing alongside us so we can run as a family in all that He has for this generation!

Letting go of our financial stability to walk this out has been stretching us, but we know it is worth it. Our motto this season is, “have a gratitude attitude”! We find joy in seeing our girls witness us living by faith and praying with us for each step forward. It would feel comforting to say we have it all figured out and know exactly what is coming next for us, but we don’t.  What we can say with confidence, is that we have been given tracks to run on and have been encouraged to pursue Jesus with all of our hearts!

Thank you for following along with us.  If you have a heart for what we are being called to, we would love to connect with you! Please e-mail to follow up with any questions! We could use your prayers as we continue to step out to pursue the Lords calling in our lives.


•• // We really do feel that simple obedience changes history – and we are on a beautiful adventure that we could never have imagined! // ••

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