Song of Songs: Final

My final assignment for my Song of Songs class is to grab a piece from the Shulammite’s walk that best relates to where I am at with my Beloved today and why.

We have been reading the Song of Songs in a 8 week course with the spiritual interpretation; as Mike Bickle puts it, “This is a symbolic interpretation to see the spiritual truths in our relationship with Jesus behind the natural love story.”

Finding one specific portion of the story has been rather difficult, due to the fact that I feel like I have found myself in bits and pieces throughout the entirety of this epic journey.  I may jump from here to there at times only because this year has been one like never before.  Hopefully in the end it will make sense.

At the beginning of last year I strongly sensed that the Lord was calling me (and family) to a deeper place of intimacy.  This caused me to look at my own vineyard (heart) and my words were similar to the Shulammite when she said, “But I have not taken care of my own vineyard. (1:6)”

I had realized that I had gotten weary with running in ministry (1:4) that I had gotten off track and was no longer saying, “Draw me after you.” You could say that I was putting ministry for the Lord before intimacy and ministry with the Lord.

So, I stepped back and had a year of asking Him to sustain me and refresh me. I was surrounded by my family and was able to enjoy the fruits of a loving family. It was a good season in those regards.  However, I still felt like I could not find Him in the deeper place!

Then “the day” came at the beginning of this year.  You can read it in chapter 2:10-13. The time has arrived for pruning the vines! Yikes!  To my knowledge I feel like I followed Him when He said, “Arise and come along!” I don’t believe that I turned Him away, I hope not.  I know I have in times past. But there is a joy and an understanding that has been coming with this call.

The reason I can say I feel like I followed Him is because it has not been easy and it has pulled me completely out of my comfort zone!!! Plus this pruning has been cutting out stuff that I have asked to be removed in past seasons.  I am not saying it has been easy, but I know it is strengthening me.

After reading the song more than a few times my heart connected the most with the Shulammites cry after He beckons her from her comfort zone.

Song of Songs 2:14

“O my dove, in the clefts of the rock,

In the secret place of the steep pathway,

Let me see your form,

Let me hear your voice;

For your voice is sweet,

And your form is lovely.”

Why… I have seen and heard Him in different times and seasons, some stronger than others.  But for some reason this cry to see and hear Him is stronger than ever before.  This verse is actually the bridegroom talking to the bride, but I have felt that in my stepping out I am longing to see and hear Him in the secret places.

O my dove… speaks of Jesus being the one thing. Christ being the all in all. A dove only has one mate its entire life and they also do not have peripheral vision; so their eye’s are fixed on what is before them.  I have fixed my eyes on Christ, as my one true passion.  I know without a doubt that He is my One thing.  In my walk today I am constantly reminding myself to fix my eyes on Him no matter the circumstances.


In the clefts of the rock… speaks of His ultimate sacrifice on the Cross.  It is in His wounds that I am even able to approach Him in all His glory!  By His stripes I am healed! It is His humility and passion towards me that allows me to say: He is my Dove, my Beloved, and my Bridegroom!

I know He conquered death and is like a roaring lion, but even John in Revelation 5:6-7 it told to “behold, the Lion” but he turns and sees a Lamb, as if slain take the scroll from the Father. I never want to forget what He did for me on the Cross. I have found myself looking closer at the sacrifice that Jesus took for me and mankind.

Just like when the Shulammite said earlier in chapter 1:13, “My beloved is to me a pouch of myrrh which lies all night between my breasts.” For those of you that need an interpretation here it is.  Jesus is our beloved and a pouch of myrrh symbolizes His death, because myrrh was used for burial in those days.  So she is saying I am constantly meditating in my heart on the love Jesus’ has for me and all that He accomplished as He endured the myrrh of the Cross.

In the secret place of the steep pathway… speaks of the inner communion that we are to have with Him on the journey.  Yes, it is steep and there is a cost but the reward is greater than the cost.  Jesus was constantly in holy communion with the Father, even on His way up the steep path to the hill of Golgotha.  I too want to have this strong communion with Jesus in the secret place, even though it may not always be easy.  In this season I am longing and feeling drawn to that secret place.

Let me see your form…and your form is lovely Well I think this part speaks for itself.  Didn’t Moses say this same thing?  Lord show me Your Glory. It is because the work of the Cross that we can actually see Him in His fullness, the veil has been torn.  If I can see Him rightly, then I can see myself rightly and if I am created in His form, then I too am lovely.  Currently I have been gazing on my beloved.  There are some very powerful scriptures that describe the beauty of this Man.

Let me hear your voice, For your voice is sweet… I love hearing His voice.  I cannot live on bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord!  His voice gives direction and reflects emotion. At the beginning of the story the Shulammite says “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth (word)”. His Words sustain me, they bring a deep level of intimacy.  While reading about His form I am also reading His Word, the two really go hand in hand.


So I hope that this makes sense. I know it is by His work on the Cross that I am being saved and set free.  It is not by my work or by my own efforts.  But I also know that there is that good work of laying it all down at the feet of Jesus and ministering to Him in the secret place like Mary did with her costly perfume (Mark 14:1-9).  It is here that I am finding myself asking Him, LET ME SEE YOUR FORM, LET ME HEAR YOUR VOICE; FOR YOUR VOICE IS SWEET AND YOUR FORM IS LOVELY!


• If you have not read Song of Songs I would encourage you to!  I would also recommend that you go through the FREE series with Mike Bickle HERE.

••Let me know what you think.  And if you have read Song of Songs, let me know where you think you are in the story right now.






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2 thoughts on “Song of Songs: Final

  • So good. Thank you for sharing this. When I first read that verse you posted..S of S 2:14, I was initially thinking that I was the dove hiding in the rock because it was a ‘safe place’…and God was calling me out to Fly….to take that leap of faith away from the ‘safe place’ and to soar…like He wants us to go out and do what we have been created to do..what we are destined to do. And to not hide in the rock anymore. The rock could be like the analogy of the milk & the meat…we’ve been hiding in the rock being filled w/ milk – safe place, but now its time to learn to fly and get meat, something new. He gets joy from seeing us do and be who we were created to be, and for a Dove, that is to Fly, to Sing. For me, it could be to step out and do the works of God, to Praise him with my voice, to pursue the things that he has placed in my heart that know one else knows about – the destiny He has intended for me.

    Anyway, that is what crossed my mind before continuing to read what you wrote. I love what you got from it, and what God has been ministering to you through this study. I have the Mike Bickle Song of Solomon teaching, and I look forward to finally opening it up and going through it 🙂

  • Thanks for reading LauraLee! I love your perspective on that! In Mike’s notes it is Jesus talking to the Bride, so you are right that He is calling to her as His dove. I just felt like I was in that season of calling out to Him. It has been a great study and I have only scratched the surface.

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