Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle

Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle: A Practical Guide to a Life of Signs, Wonders, and Miracles Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle: A Practical Guide to a Life of Signs, Wonders, and Miracles by Kris Vallotton

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“You are the bridge between history and His story.” Kris Vallotton

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this book. For starters the first chapter is titled, “History Makers”! Just this chapter alone is filled with encouraging words for those of you that are called to impact the globe (which is all of us!). From start to end, Kris gives great instruction and strategy while calling us to take our stand with Christ and with the love of Christ against a society of darkness. In this he reveals a great key to our warfare, “We are to be honorably confronting with people.” This is a reality that I am growing in and feel like it is something all believers must be equipped with. The revelation and truth in this book will break down your walls of thinking and start getting you excited about what’s in front of you. In this stirring it will cause you to start taking big steps into the supernatual! Kris outlines his own personal core values, as well those for a supernatural ministry to help encourage the reader to take serious the importance of having this foundation. There is a new mind set and pair of lenses that are revealed through Kris’ own personal walk with Christ that he shares as well as some great insight on the heart and words of Christ. The whole book is filled with scripture and examples of those mentioned in the Bible that walked in the supernatural. This really is a practical guide and it will renew your mind and open your eyes to start seeing things that you have heard before, but in a very new and inspiring way. One of Kris’ personal stories that completely blew my mind, was about his walk in the prophetic. It is an incredible story and because I want you to read it yourself I will just quote the last sentence, “You can alter the course of world history through prophetic declarations.” So if you are done with just hearing about the supernatural lifestyle and you want to start encountering it…this book will give you direction and encouragement to jump right in!

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  • Thanks Patrick! I will definitely order this book. I hadn’t heard about it until now. Your website really is helpful! His best to you!

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