I wanted to share this prophetic bulletin FROM RICK JOYNER with you guys for a few reasons.
1. I highly honor Rick Joyner and value his voice.
2. He touches on the Moravian Revival which I covered in MY LAST SERIES.
3. It has inspired my next series that I am starting up today, The Patriotic Posts.
The Glory Will Return 

By Rick Joyner

I have been a devoted student of history for more than forty years, but it has been only over the last several years that I have felt compelled to understand our foundations as a nation. I was surprised to see that we truly were a nation built on sound biblical principles. The Scriptures give a lot of instruction about righteous governments, and The Great Commission was to make disciples of all nations, not just individuals. I have concluded that America was certainly one of the great nation disciples of the Lord. Our government was founded mostly by those with a great resolve to adhere to biblical principles of righteousness and justice. The prosperity we have enjoyed as a nation was the favor of God promised to the nations that did this as we see in places like Proverbs 14:34.

If we had continued to adhere to these basic biblical principles that the nation was founded on, we would not likely have any of the troubles we’re now in. The answer to getting out of the crises we’re in is to return to those solid foundations. However, we must understand them to return to them.

The Scheme of the Devil

The quickest way to kill a plant is to cut it off from its roots; the quickest way to kill a nation or culture is to cut it off from its history, which are its roots. This is why one of the first things totalitarian governments do when they gain power over a nation is to start changing its history. There has been a systematic attempt to destroy America by doing just that—gradually revising our history and then changing it altogether. What is now taught in virtually all of our schools as American history is not the truth about our history.

History textbooks now used in our public schools make almost no mention of our Judeo/Christian foundations unless they are derogatory. The emphasis of these textbooks is so focused on the mistakes and negatives in our history that they leave students ashamed to be Americans. This could be a greater threat to our future than all of the other crises we’re now facing. We have been systematically cut off from our roots. If we do not reattach to them soon, we will perish as a nation. If we do recover our roots, revival will quickly follow.

The Wells of Living Water

Some of the greatest revivals in Scripture began when a people rediscovered the roots that they had been cut off from. In Scripture, you see this repeatedly in Israel’s story, especially in the restoration books like Ezra and Nehemiah. The people regained a vision for their future by reconnecting with their history. The same will be true with us.

The revival that probably had the greatest spiritual impact on America, and helped to set our spiritual DNA as a nation, was the result of the young German Count Ludwig von Zinzendorf discovering the historic roots of the refugees he had taken onto his estate. He did this by discovering the writings of Jon Amos Comenius. Comenius is called “the father of modern education,” but he was a Moravian bishop who led a group of persecuted Christians from the same area that the refugees who had come to Zinzendorf’s estate had come from one hundred years earlier. Comenius founded schools so that all children could receive an education, not just the children of the nobility. His ultimate purpose for education was to prepare a generation of missionaries to fulfill The Great Commission.

When Zinzendorf shared the news that Comenius, who was considered one of the men that has most impacted the modern world, was actually a spiritual forefather of these refugees, this discovery resulted in what historians call “The Moravian Pentecost” and gave birth to modern missions. Many of those missionaries came to America, including Count Zinzendorf himself, and they inspired those who would be the voices of the First Great Awakening.

Zinzendorf was likely one of the wealthiest men of his time, and he expended his fortune on the gospel. For this reason, historians have called him “the rich young ruler who said ‘yes.’” This same spiritual DNA, missions and generosity of spirit, remains a basic part of America. Whether it is a natural disaster, or a manmade one, Americans can be counted on to be the first to help. Whether through Christian missions, or simple missions of charity, Americans are spread all over the earth seeking to do good.

Revival in America will come as we reconnect to our roots. We have one of the most remarkable histories since biblical times, and as we reconnect to it, the great vision and nobility of spirit that gave birth to our nation will revive in us again. As the great British evangelist Leonard Ravenhill said, “America is too young to die.” Regardless of how great the crises are that we are now facing, our best days can yet be in our future. (Bold Emphasis added by Patrick Atkins)

The only commandment that was given with a promise, which is in both the Old and New Testaments, is to honor our fathers and mothers. The promise for doing this is that it would go well with us and that we would have longevity in the land that the Lord has given to us (see Exodus 20:12, Ephesians 6:2). Our well-being and longevity as a nation is linked to honoring our national fathers and mothers. This must be recovered.

We honor people by remembering them, and we dishonor those that we forget. It was for this purpose that the Israelites were commanded to recite their history to their children every year. This ensured that they would have the strongest possible roots as a nation. Our longevity as a nation will depend on how we honor our national fathers and mothers by remembering them. This must begin with honoring the Founding Fathers.

Winston Churchill said that we could not understand where we were going if we did not understand where we’ve been. One of the primary reasons for the present lack of national vision for the future is because we have been so cut off from our past. The vacuum created has opened the gates wide for the worst kind of influences. Over the last half century that the revising of our history has been taking place, we see the nation falling deeper into debauchery and the corruption of our basic integrity. Our revival and restoration is linked to returning to the good roots that gave life to America in the beginning, which have preserved us through the great crises in our development. They can give life to us again and preserve us through our present crises.

The Bible is basically a history book. It does not cover up the mistakes and failures of even its greatest heroes, and likewise, a true history cannot gloss over the mistakes and failures in our past. These are some of the greatest lessons we need to learn from. Even so, it is worse not to honor the good.

Back to the Future

MorningStar has become known around the world as a prophetic movement. We certainly value the prophetic ministries and gifts, and we are even increasing our pursuit of them. As we are told in Acts 2 and Joel 2, when the Lord pours out His Spirit in “the last days” it will result in prophetic revelation—dreams, visions, and prophecy. This is because we will need this increasing guidance as these days unfold. We have helped to teach and equip tens of thousands of believers from all over the world, and we are seeking to excel even more as the times require it.

However, along with our devotion to the prophetic, we have sought to also impart an understanding of and love for history. We have taught and are committed to the three-fold cord that is not easily broken: sound biblical doctrine, a good understanding of history, and a prophetic perspective. We must have all three and keep them in proper balance.

I was shown the first year that I was a Christian that we could not be trusted with the spiritual authority the Lord wanted to give us without being strongly linked to all who have gone before us to prepare our way. This is why when Jesus was asked by what authority He did His works, He pointed to the baptism of John. He was not trying to deflect their question, but this was the answer to their question. Jesus was linked to all who had prepared the way for Him. John was there as their representative to declare that Jesus was indeed the Messiah, so Jesus honored them all by submitting Himself to John’s baptism. He even said He did this to fulfill all righteousness.

Every generation that would carry on must do the same—be baptized by those who went before them to prepare their way. In the Old Testament, one of the ways that Israel honored their fathers was to drink from the wells that they had dug. We must do the same. We do this not by drinking from physical wells, but from the wells of living water that sprung up from them—their teachings and their prophecies.

One of the ways that the enemies of God’s people harassed them and drove them off of their land was to stop up their wells. Our wells have been stopped up in America as well as in many other nations that have at one time been disciples of the Lord. We must unstop the wells and drink again from this living water. Strength will return as we rediscover our true history.

This summer as you vacation, resolve that you are going to strengthen your roots. Read a good history book. Resolve that you will read at least one a year. There are many other resources such as history videos and historic movies that are full of inspiration and life.


For more on Rick Joyner and his ministry click HERE.

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The Moravian Revival

Well folks this is what we have all been waiting for!  Thanks for the patience to all my faithful followers.  Here are the past posts if you missed any: MORAVIAN MOVE SERIES.


August 13, 1727 was a day not to be forgotten to those who lived in the community at Hernhut.  Now as you know from the previous post, this community of Christian believers had held a variety of doctrines and beliefs when it came to their faith.  There were many persecuted denominations represented including the Moravian Brethren (Unity of Brethren), Lutherans, Reformist, Schwenkfelders, Calvanists, separatists, and Baptists. A few months prior to that day, the community was in turmoil due to bickering and quarreling over their religious differences.

Count Zinzendorf, the owner and visionary of the land was grieved over the disunity of the Christian community.  And during the month of May 1727, he and his family came to permanently live in Hernhut. He gave his life to see this home of refugees be a place filled with the presence of God.  His passion to see this come to pass drove him to a deeper level of prayer for the people at Hernut.  He taught fiercely on the unity of Christians found in the Bible, the importance of prayer, and he also had the members sign a “Brotherly Agreement.”

He called all of them, “to seek out and emphasize the points in which they agreed”

This dedicated approach from Zinzendorf blew open the doors of grace for a great level of repentance, prayer, and unity! After this raising of a new standard, passionate prayer groups started up and new hymns flowed forth giving praise to the Savior.  God’s presence, unity and intercession increased through out the summer and much travail went out from Hernhut for even more of His presence.

It was August the thirteenth when Zinzendorf called the congregation for a special communion early that Wednesday morning.  Then it happened; the whole community felt the tangible outpouring of the Holy Spirit!  This was a moment that was unexplainable to many but was said to be much like the day of Pentecost recorded in the book of Acts 2.

Rev John Greenfield a Moravian historian said, “They hardly knew if they had been on earth or in heaven.” in his book Power from on High.

James Montgomery a Moravian Hymn writer, wrote this piece later on describing the event:

“They walked with God in peace and love, But failed with one another; While sternly for the Faith they strove, Brother fell out with brother; But He in whom they put their trust, Who knew their frames that they were dust, Pitied and healed their weakness. He found them in His House of Prayer, With one accord assembled; And so revealed His presence there, They wept with joy and trembled: One cup they drank, one bread they brake, One baptism shared, one language spake, Forgiving and forgiven. Then forth they went with tongues aflame In one blest theme delighting; The love of Jesus and His name, God’s children all uniting; That love our theme and watchword still, Thy law of love may we fulfill, And love as we are loved.”

It was a glorious day for the Moravians that launched a deeper passion for God’s Word, prayer, Hymns, and eventually missions. From this day forth they held meetings three times a day (4am 9am and 9pm) to pray and give thanks to God.

They also established 24-7 prayer! They started with 24 men and 24 women, each being assigned to one hour of the day to pray and they dubbed it Hourly Intercession.  Yes, it is true that this 24-7 prayer model lasted 100 years! This developed what they called Daily Watchwords resulting in one of the oldest and most popular daily devotionals.

Out of their prayer meetings they received a great zeal for missions.  They ended up sending out many missionaries’ abroad being among the first to reach out to slaves.  The Moravian missionary’s even made it to the United States and received a burden to spread the gospel to the Native Americans.

The missionaries going out from Hernhut were fearless unto death for the sake of Christ.  This Moravian mission movement was the first successful wide spread surge from the protestant reformation.  Zinzendorf and the Moravians helped lay a foundation for the great mission move that followed in the 18th century with men like William Carey.

The Hernhut community was modeled and duplicated near and far while small renewal groups broke out all across Europe.



Does this inspire you at all???  It has definitely impacted me.  Last year I  got caught up in the “quarreling” of doctrine and theology and nothing was accomplished.  I have seen how ugly and immature it can get.  The end result of being in it and watching it from a distance caused me to realize that I need to be in His Word, prayer, and fellowship.

The Moravians were not perfect (who is but Christ) but I admire Count Zinzendorf for his bold leadership and convictions that lead him to find the good and common ground that each member had.  I personally think the Body of Christ needs to come back to this reality.  There are even more denominations and church splits in this day and age than ever before, let’s face it we probably will never fully agree on everything! So let us move forward in our love for Christ and our love for one another…isn’t that what He called us too?

I am hungry for this type of outpouring on the Church again.  I do not believe that the outpouring of Holy Spirit was a one time thing, I do believe that He wants to pour out His Spirit at an even greater measure today!  We saw it in the book of Acts and you can see it displayed through this Moravian Move and with other historical revivals.  The believers started in fellowship and prayer and the result was a great outpouring which lead to even greater prayer and fellowship PLUS souls saved for Christ!!!

What are your thoughts?



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Following the “Hussite Wars” and the Utraquists compact with the Roman Church the remainder of John Huss and John Wycliffe followers formed a church independent of the Roman Church known as the Moravian church or the Unity of Brethren officially in 1457.  By the time the Protestant Reformation as we know it launched in 1517 by Martin Luther with the nailing of the 95 Theses to the church door, this group had been fighting for freedom and reformation in the church for nearly 100 years.  Martin Luther was the fulfillment of John Hus’ prophecy given right before he was burned at the stake.  Martin Luther came on the scene and only catapulted and encouraged what the Unity of Brethren had been saying the whole time. The majority of the Moravians had the Bible translated in their language (Czech) helping them understand the cause and to lay the foundation of independence from the Roman Church.

The brethren had a lot of noble support behind them and saw tremendous growth in the regions. The Roman Church was too weak to gain control through the battlefield at the time so they retaliated back in the late 1500’s and early 1600’s by way of cultural, political, and ecclesiastical power shifts.  To cut to the short another revolt broke out in 1620 by the Protestant Czechs to protect their liberties and a coalition of armies (Those in relationship and rule with the Roman Church) ended up wiping them out.  This resulted in the Counter Reformation by the Roman church and the 30-year war (Which was a mass war for religious and political power all through out the regions).  One third of the Czech population was lost do to plague and war during this time period; it went from 3 million to 800,000!  This was a time of much upheaval and blood spilling in the name of religion.  For the brethren that were not martyred, many of them were dispersed through out the regions or forced to remain highly underground and secretive. This turmoil became pretty much wide spread in Germany at the time.  The Jesuits who were a big part of the “Counter Reformation” regarded anything Czech as heresy! The entire countryside was literally ravaged and destroyed for these 30 years.

This is a prayer that was written by Reverend Martin Rinkert during that time.

Now thank we all our God

With hearts and hands and voices;

Who wondrous things hath done,

In whom this world rejoices.

Who, from our mother’s arms,

Hath led us on our way,

With countless gifts of love,

And still is ours today.


In the midst of much suffering, tormenting, death, and injustice the few and faithful weathered the dark times.  Surprisingly a contingent of brethren stayed strong and secretive in Moravia.  They remained hidden from 1620 to 1722 and were able to pass on their love for Jesus and His Word from generation to generation.  in 1722 the Unity of Brethren were referred to Count Zinzendorf of Saxony for protection.  Zinzendorf had a heart for the poor and persecuted and wanted to use his large estate to establish a Christian community.  It is here that the Moravian Revival broke out!  But I would like to stop for now and follow up next time with more on Count Zinzendorf.

* Next Count Zinzendorf

•••Let us be forever thankful that we have not had to witness this kind of religious chaos in the United States.  This encourages me that in the hard times it is still worth it all to hold on to what is true and to pass it on, even when everything else is shaking.  Are you willing to fight for the Truth?  I’m not saying attacking physically is the way to do it…but are you willing to fight spiritually for the Truth in America?  It seems like the enemy has not been able to straight on attack the Church in America but he has made some huge power shifts in our culture and spheres of influence which in turn has been brought into the Church by our own free will and compromise.  I believe that the LORD is calling us to a higher level of spiritual warfare and it starts with you and me!  Let’s get back to intimacy with Jesus and from there we can go out and take back spiritual ground.



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John Wycliffe

(Moravian Move Series)

John Wycliffe, Born in 1328, is most well known for being the first to translate the Bible into the English language, or common language.  He grew up in the Middle Ages, a time when the Roman Church prohibited the Bible to be written in anything other than Latin (since 400 AD Beginning the Dark and Middle Ages) so that only the priests could read it.  It was considered a crime punishable by death to even own a copy of the Bible.  Even though the majority of the common people could not even read Latin or English!  The Church was deceiving the people by withholding the Truth, the Word of God, the Bible and instituting their own doctrines and tradition in order to make them the ultimate powerhouse.

Wycliffe was very well studied at Oxford in politics, religion, and theology.  His passions led him to become an illustrious teacher, preacher, and patriot.  Not too long into his career he started teaching to his students his very strong disagreements with the Roman Church.  His student’s class notes started being copied and passed around and Wycliffe himself started writing up his oppositions to share publicly.

  • He opposed indulgences (Killing a man $1.75, Robbery $3.00 etc..)
  • He opposed purgatory (a place of purification, after death)
  • He opposed transubstantiation (bread and wine actually become substance of the body and blood of Jesus,)
  • He opposed the temporal wealth of the church (extravagant buildings)
  • He opposed the “holy war” (killing of innocent people to plunder)
  • He strongly opposed calling the pope the head of the church (went as far as saying the pope is an antichrist and not fit for heaven)
  • Most of all he opposed the withholding of the Bible (Without knowledge of the Bible there can be no peace in the life of the Church)

Wycliffe strongly believed in the inerrancy and authority of the Bible and understood that it was for all believers, which led him to start translating the Latin Bible into English. Wycliffe said,

“Believers should ascertain for themselves what are the true matters of their faith, by having the Scriptures in a language which all may understand.”

The Pope and Roman clergy were outraged, to say the least, against this translating because they felt that the Holy Scriptures should be prohibited from the laity and “un-churched” in means to control them.  When the Pope caught wind of Wycliffe’s work, he issued a letter against Wycliffe.  In response to the Pope, Wycliffe said,

“You say it is heresy to speak of the Holy Scriptures in English. You call me a heretic because I have translated the Bible into the common tongue of the people. Do you know whom you blaspheme? Did not the Holy Ghost give the Word of God at first in the mother-tongue of the nations to whom it was addressed? Why do you speak against the Holy Ghost? You say that the Church of God is in danger from this book. How can that be? Is it not from the Bible only that we learn that God has set up such a society as a Church on the earth? Is it not the Bible that gives all her authority to the Church? Is it not from the Bible that we learn who is the Builder and Sovereign of the Church, what are the laws by which she is to be governed, and the rights and privileges of her members? Without the Bible, what charter has the Church to show for all these? It is you who place the Church in jeopardy by hiding the Divine warrant, the missive royal of her King, for the authority she wields and the faith she enjoins”

After coming against the Roman Church with his writings, teachings and translation of the Bible, Wycliffe’s days were filled with trials and heat from the clergy. There was some Divine favor upon his head as he was not martyred but allowed to finish this good work.  Wycliffe’s greatest feat was the translation of The New Testament, which was completed in 1380 as well as the Old Testament in 1382.  This was a huge accomplishment for the spreading of the Gospel as well as encouraging the common people to learn how to read the Bible for themselves.  For this John was condemned and charged with multiple heresies and errors and all of his writings were forbidden and any followers of his teachings were to be imprisoned.

John died two years later, December 31, 1384.  He would later be known as the, “Morningstar of the Reformation”, because his forerunner message against the “organized” church opened up the door for what later became known as the Reformation.

It is hard to picture an age that prohibited the Bible from the common man and woman!  We are so blessed to be able to have Bibles in our common language so that we may see and hear the Truth of God’s Word for ourselves.  This has sobered me up to the importance of having a personal Bible for myself and actually reading it.  I hope that none of us take for granted the beauty of being able to read and share the Word of God in this day and age.  Now is the time to read and feed from this Book that brings us into a greater experiential knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ…before a day comes when the Bible is again forbidden and those that are caught reading from it are burned at the stake!…

To be continued…John Hus, Martyr, burned at the stake for following Wycliffe’s teachings about having the Bible in their own language!

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I am starting a new series called, the Moravian Move, it will be several posts that are all related to the Moravian Revival I will be putting up other stuff as well in the midst of this series, but I wanted to give you a heads up on my latest research.

As far as I can tell, John Wycliffe’s (a forerunner in the reformation) teachings heavily influenced John Hus, who was burned at the stake for his beliefs that opposed the “organized” Church of his day.  The martyrdom of Hus, caused his “supporters” heavy persecution, causing them to unite together as the Czech Brethren and then later on becoming the Moravians.  Almost 100 years after the death of Hus, Martin Luther, nailed his 95 theses into a church door, which catapulted the Reformation, as we know it.  After centuries of persecution among the Moravians and having to flee to Germany, a man by the name of Count Zinzendorf offered them refuge on his estate.  The property was called Hernut, “the Lord’s Watch” and it was here that the Pentecostal like revival broke out.  In 1727 The Moravian Revival was described by John Greenfield in his book, “Power from on High”, as,

“No one present could tell exactly what happened on that Wednesday morning, 13 August 1727 at the specially called Communion service. They hardly knew if they had been on earth or in heaven”.

It was from this revival that Revivalist such as Charles and John Wesley were impacted, as well as many others.  This revival launched a 24/7-prayer movement that lasted 100 years!

Part 1: John Wycliffe

Part 2: John Hus-“Goose”

Part 3: Revolution and Reformation

Part 4: Unity of Brethren

Part 5: Count Zinzendorf

Part 6: The Moravian Revival

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I am thrilled to say that me, my wife, and 3-month-old girl, Liberty, joined in with an estimated 50,000 PRO-LIFERS in the Walk for Life West Coast on Saturday, January 22nd.  It was a perfect day in the bay as we walked from Justin Herman Plaza to the Marina Greens.  It was only a 2.5-mile walk but with so many peaceful pedestrians the pace was protracted while the pulse from the peoples was lively in the proclaiming of how precious LIFE is!

The mile long flow of joyous people streamed through the city with radiant sunshine beating down while a very small, vulgar, and dark cloud of opposition was left standing on the sidelines to watch all 50,000 plus PRO- LIFERS walk by.  What a statement we made!  Regardless of how the “big” press covered it, the PRO-LIFE people were seen and heard and could not be ignored.  It was great to see so much diversity in race, religion, and age to come into UNITY with something that we all hold dear, LIFE.

Check out this video footage from one of the speakers at the walk, Abby Johnson:

She just came out with a new book called, UNPLANNED, get your hands on a copy to find out the truth and how important this issue of LIFE really is.  Here is a link to check out the first chapter of her book, Unplanned, http://40daysforlife.s3.amazonaws.com/chapter1.pdf

Here are some photos from the walk:

Aimee and Liberty…and my Dad 🙂

Kurt and Anna Hall

Tuolumne Bound4Life Chapter

You can’t go wrong when you are surrounded in a sea full of people that value and cherish LIFE. Thank you to all that helped put this on and to those that showed up so that others could see that the tides are changing and a GIGANTIC wave of PRO-LIFERS are crashing on the scene with Light and LIFE to reveal the Truth; breaking through the deception of pro-choice, planned parenthood, and abortion!

Thanks for reading, hope to see you all there next year! And remember, “Without LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not possible.”


Patrick Judah

p.s. check out my article from last year http://historyishiring.com/caught-red-handed/

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Dear Friends,

Please listen to this message from Lou Engle.  We are in a critical point in History and Lou is having TheCall in Sacramento on September 3-4 on the 10th anniversary of TheCall Washington D.C.  This message lays out the prophetic dreams and proclamations that have been brought together since the birthing of TheCall and Lou also explains the importance of the timing and placing of this gathering in Sacramento.  If you are not familiar with TheCall Ministries check out this link: http://thecall.com/ .  Now is the time to gather the consecrated ones into a solemn assembly to fast and pray for our state of California and for our Nation!

1. “We are going to California, we are going to pray for our government.” (Psalms 2)

2. “We are going to call on God for a great river of the blood of Christ out of the Cross in Sacramento and Jesus to give us another Jesus Movement.”

3. “We are going to pray that a massive house of prayer movement will arise in every place calling on God for the harvest and loosing a generation into the missions movement.”

4. “And were going to believe that God is going to shape the elections.”

“God is the God that answers prayer!” – Lou Engle

The first 45 minutes is a worship set with Misty Edwards, really good…but if you want to skip straight to the message from Lou Engle jump to the hour mark.

Trusting in Him,

Patrick Judah

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Today marks a very dramatic shift in California’s HISTORY as well as for the United States of America. Marriage has been defined as being “between a man and a woman” since the beginning.  I know you might be asking, since the beginning of what? Well, God had ordained marriage in the book of Genesis.  For any one that needs another source, let’s look at the definition in Noah Webster’s first Dictionary that was published in 1828:

MAR’RIAGE, n. [L.mas, maris.] The act of uniting a man and woman for life; wedlock; the legal union of a man and woman for life. Marriage is a contract both civil and religious, by which the parties engage to live together in mutual affection and fidelity, till death shall separate them. Marriage was instituted by God himself for the purpose of preventing the promiscuous intercourse of the sexes, for promoting domestic felicity, and for securing the maintenance and education of children.

Marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled. Heb.13.

1. A feast made on the occasion of a marriage.

The kingdom of heaven is like a certain king, who made a marriage for his son. Matt.22.

2. In a scriptural sense, the union between Christ and his church by the covenant of grace. Rev.19.

So why has Proposition 8 been such a big deal?  Because it wanted to re-clarify the wording of California’s Constitutional “Family Code” definition of marriage as, “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” that was previously voted in through Prop 22 by 61% in favor and then invalidated by a 4-3 decision by San Francisco judges.  The previous wording before Prop 22 was, “a personal relation arising out of a civil contract between a man and a woman, to which the consent of the parties capable of making that contract is necessary.”

But what about the peoples choices, equalities, and rights? Saying yes to Proposition 8 has not removed the choices from those that want to engage in a homosexual lifestyle.  Saying yes to Proposition 8 has not slanted the playing field of equality; homosexuals still have the right to a civil union with legal benefits that approach or are equivalent to those of marriage.  All Americans have the right to vote, no rights have been removed by saying yes to Prop 8; it is the rights of the voters that have been denied in this case.  7 MILLION (52%) CALIFORNIA VOTERS WERE DENIED THEIR RIGHTS THROUGH THE OVERTURNING OF PROPOSITION 8!

But, Antonio Villarigosa says, “Today, the sun is shining is little brighter on the Golden State, because by overturning Prop 8, a federal judge has affirmed what a majority of Californians know to be true: love doesn’t discriminate.”

I am thankful that our CREATOR and NOT man DEFINE TRUE LOVE.

What were some of the reasons that the opponents used against Prop 8? (Taken out of Prop 8 Ruling, pdf Link below)

1.    It prevents each plaintiff from marrying the person of his or her choice;
2.    The choice of a marriage partner is sheltered by the Fourteenth Amendment from the state’s unwarranted usurpation of that choice; and
3.    California’s provision of a domestic partnership —— a status giving same-sex couples the rights and responsibilities of marriage without providing marriage —— does not afford plaintiffs an adequate substitute for marriage and, by disabling plaintiffs from marrying the person of their choice, invidiously discriminates, without justification, against plaintiffs and others who seek to marry a person of the same sex.

To Perry, marriage would provide access to the language to describe her relationship with Stier: “I’m a 45-year-old woman. I have been in love with a woman for 10 years and I don’t have a word to tell anybody about that.”

–        Marriage is not the word to describe a relationship between two female partners.

To Stier Marriage would be a way to tell “our friends, our family, our society, our community, our parents * * * and each other that this is a lifetime commitment * * * we are not girlfriends. We are not partners. We are married.”

–        You can still have a lifetime commitment without being married.

To Katami, marriage to Zarrillo would solidify their relationship and provide them the foundation they seek to raise a family together, explaining that for them, “the timeline has always been marriage first, before family.

–        Marriage is the foundation between a man and a women and the foundation for a strong family.

To check out the 138 page article on the Prop 8 Ruling click below:


If our basic rights are being overturned and our basic definitions of words are being redefined so that people can have their choice without being wrong…then at what point do we stop and realize we have lost everything that has been defined?

Lord, I thank You that You spoke everything into existence with Your Word, and that You uphold Your Word, and that Your Words will not be broken or redefined, but Your Words are the DEFINITION for ETERNITY! AMEN.

Keep praying,

Patrick Judah

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