The Moravian Revival

Well folks this is what we have all been waiting for!  Thanks for the patience to all my faithful followers.  Here are the past posts if you missed any: MORAVIAN MOVE SERIES.


August 13, 1727 was a day not to be forgotten to those who lived in the community at Hernhut.  Now as you know from the previous post, this community of Christian believers had held a variety of doctrines and beliefs when it came to their faith.  There were many persecuted denominations represented including the Moravian Brethren (Unity of Brethren), Lutherans, Reformist, Schwenkfelders, Calvanists, separatists, and Baptists. A few months prior to that day, the community was in turmoil due to bickering and quarreling over their religious differences.

Count Zinzendorf, the owner and visionary of the land was grieved over the disunity of the Christian community.  And during the month of May 1727, he and his family came to permanently live in Hernhut. He gave his life to see this home of refugees be a place filled with the presence of God.  His passion to see this come to pass drove him to a deeper level of prayer for the people at Hernut.  He taught fiercely on the unity of Christians found in the Bible, the importance of prayer, and he also had the members sign a “Brotherly Agreement.”

He called all of them, “to seek out and emphasize the points in which they agreed”

This dedicated approach from Zinzendorf blew open the doors of grace for a great level of repentance, prayer, and unity! After this raising of a new standard, passionate prayer groups started up and new hymns flowed forth giving praise to the Savior.  God’s presence, unity and intercession increased through out the summer and much travail went out from Hernhut for even more of His presence.

It was August the thirteenth when Zinzendorf called the congregation for a special communion early that Wednesday morning.  Then it happened; the whole community felt the tangible outpouring of the Holy Spirit!  This was a moment that was unexplainable to many but was said to be much like the day of Pentecost recorded in the book of Acts 2.

Rev John Greenfield a Moravian historian said, “They hardly knew if they had been on earth or in heaven.” in his book Power from on High.

James Montgomery a Moravian Hymn writer, wrote this piece later on describing the event:

“They walked with God in peace and love, But failed with one another; While sternly for the Faith they strove, Brother fell out with brother; But He in whom they put their trust, Who knew their frames that they were dust, Pitied and healed their weakness. He found them in His House of Prayer, With one accord assembled; And so revealed His presence there, They wept with joy and trembled: One cup they drank, one bread they brake, One baptism shared, one language spake, Forgiving and forgiven. Then forth they went with tongues aflame In one blest theme delighting; The love of Jesus and His name, God’s children all uniting; That love our theme and watchword still, Thy law of love may we fulfill, And love as we are loved.”

It was a glorious day for the Moravians that launched a deeper passion for God’s Word, prayer, Hymns, and eventually missions. From this day forth they held meetings three times a day (4am 9am and 9pm) to pray and give thanks to God.

They also established 24-7 prayer! They started with 24 men and 24 women, each being assigned to one hour of the day to pray and they dubbed it Hourly Intercession.  Yes, it is true that this 24-7 prayer model lasted 100 years! This developed what they called Daily Watchwords resulting in one of the oldest and most popular daily devotionals.

Out of their prayer meetings they received a great zeal for missions.  They ended up sending out many missionaries’ abroad being among the first to reach out to slaves.  The Moravian missionary’s even made it to the United States and received a burden to spread the gospel to the Native Americans.

The missionaries going out from Hernhut were fearless unto death for the sake of Christ.  This Moravian mission movement was the first successful wide spread surge from the protestant reformation.  Zinzendorf and the Moravians helped lay a foundation for the great mission move that followed in the 18th century with men like William Carey.

The Hernhut community was modeled and duplicated near and far while small renewal groups broke out all across Europe.



Does this inspire you at all???  It has definitely impacted me.  Last year I  got caught up in the “quarreling” of doctrine and theology and nothing was accomplished.  I have seen how ugly and immature it can get.  The end result of being in it and watching it from a distance caused me to realize that I need to be in His Word, prayer, and fellowship.

The Moravians were not perfect (who is but Christ) but I admire Count Zinzendorf for his bold leadership and convictions that lead him to find the good and common ground that each member had.  I personally think the Body of Christ needs to come back to this reality.  There are even more denominations and church splits in this day and age than ever before, let’s face it we probably will never fully agree on everything! So let us move forward in our love for Christ and our love for one another…isn’t that what He called us too?

I am hungry for this type of outpouring on the Church again.  I do not believe that the outpouring of Holy Spirit was a one time thing, I do believe that He wants to pour out His Spirit at an even greater measure today!  We saw it in the book of Acts and you can see it displayed through this Moravian Move and with other historical revivals.  The believers started in fellowship and prayer and the result was a great outpouring which lead to even greater prayer and fellowship PLUS souls saved for Christ!!!

What are your thoughts?



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I am starting a new series called, the Moravian Move, it will be several posts that are all related to the Moravian Revival I will be putting up other stuff as well in the midst of this series, but I wanted to give you a heads up on my latest research.

As far as I can tell, John Wycliffe’s (a forerunner in the reformation) teachings heavily influenced John Hus, who was burned at the stake for his beliefs that opposed the “organized” Church of his day.  The martyrdom of Hus, caused his “supporters” heavy persecution, causing them to unite together as the Czech Brethren and then later on becoming the Moravians.  Almost 100 years after the death of Hus, Martin Luther, nailed his 95 theses into a church door, which catapulted the Reformation, as we know it.  After centuries of persecution among the Moravians and having to flee to Germany, a man by the name of Count Zinzendorf offered them refuge on his estate.  The property was called Hernut, “the Lord’s Watch” and it was here that the Pentecostal like revival broke out.  In 1727 The Moravian Revival was described by John Greenfield in his book, “Power from on High”, as,

“No one present could tell exactly what happened on that Wednesday morning, 13 August 1727 at the specially called Communion service. They hardly knew if they had been on earth or in heaven”.

It was from this revival that Revivalist such as Charles and John Wesley were impacted, as well as many others.  This revival launched a 24/7-prayer movement that lasted 100 years!

Part 1: John Wycliffe

Part 2: John Hus-“Goose”

Part 3: Revolution and Reformation

Part 4: Unity of Brethren

Part 5: Count Zinzendorf

Part 6: The Moravian Revival

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2011: Our Transition into a Mission

Dear friends and family,

I wanted to enlighten you with the latest happenings of our little family. As I hope most of you all know the Lord blessed Aimee and I with a wonderful baby girl, Liberty Reign Atkins. Liberty was birthed October 26th, at 8lbs 9oz. and 21″ inches long. She was definitely the highlight of 2010. We love what the Lord has taught us in the past year, while setting us into a launching position for transition in this New Year.

The transition being, as of January 15th 2011, we moved to the bay area to plug into the Convergence House of Prayer in Fremont! It has been our dream for a long time to join a House of Prayer and we have taken a huge first step of faith to obtain it! We will continue to step out in faith in order to chase after the dreams that the Lord has planted in each of our hearts.

Let us fill you in as best as we can…

What is the Convergence House of Prayer? (cHOP)

The cHOP has a vision to establish individuals in partnership with Christ through prayer and worship modeled after the Tabernacle of David (1Chr. 22-24). Our desire is to partner with God in becoming a perpetual worship and prayer center in our region linking His presence and the supernatural lifestyle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What will we be doing?

Aimee is pursuing her gifts in worship while singing in the Prayer Room on worship sets: Devotionals, Worship With the Word, and Intercession. I will be an Intercessory Missionary: ministering in prayer, fasting, worship, and service in the House of Prayer. Serving 15+ hours in the prayer room as well as ministering at least 5 hours of “helps” each week. My focus will be to grow in the Love and Knowledge of God, while being committed to the forerunner message of preparing the way of the Lord.

We will both be taking courses from the Convergence Supernatural School of Ministry (CSSM). CSSM is the convergence of two streams, using both the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry DVD series as well as curriculum from the International House of Prayer University. Believing that a supernatural lifestyle stems from and is fueled by intimacy with God.

We also know that the Lord will be opening up new doors for us to minister in, as this House of Prayer just launched officially January 2011. Our heart is to serve and be used by Him in a way that will impact those around us the most. We will also be raising, Liberty, in the prayer room, establishing a deep foundation in the love of Jesus in her.

How can you help?

Just as missionaries overseas require financial support for their needs so that they can give 100% of their time to do good works of justice and minister to His people; we too will need financial support. Our heart is to lead a lifestyle of full time missions. Our prayer in this matter of giving is 2 Cor. 9:6-15: “Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver (v7).” We know it is, “He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food (v10)”, and we ask, if the Lord wills it, that some of your seed would be sown towards us for our bread so that we may join in unity and watch Him, “multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness; you will be enriched in everything for all liberality, which through us is producing thanksgiving to God (v10-11).”


We thank you for taking the time to read this and pray that His Spirit will lead you with what you have purposed in your heart. We know that your support will help position us better to attain a holy and righteous lifestyle that is pleasing to our Lord, Jesus the Christ. If anything, lift us up in prayer and petition that the Lord leads us and guides us through this transition to a position of full time mission.

Yours faithfully,

Patrick, Aimee, and Liberty Atkins

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Hello Friends,

I am re “hi-jacking” this from Renee Loux blog in hopes that you would help support this amazing family!

HiJacked for a Good Cause! Nominate Renee for EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER

// January 28th, 2011 // Loux Family News

Sorry, Ne, you’ve been Hijacked!

This is Renee’s sister in law, Tracie Loux. I found out today that Extreme Home Makeover is looking for a candidate for a makeover here in the state of MISSOURI!!!

As you know that my sister -in- law, Renee’ and her beautiful children lost their husband and daddy in 2009 just 2 days before Christmas. Renee and Derek worked together trumpeting the cause of the orphan. They not only spoke out in defense of the fatherless, they put actions to their words by bringing children into their own home.

Renee and Derek’s first son, Josiah was born with Spina Bifida and passed away at age 2 1/2. Josiah’s incredible life opened their eyes and ours to the precious gift of children with special needs. They went on to have 2 beautiful daughters Sophia and Michaela. Over the past 10 years, Derek and Renee adopted 8 children. Their 5 daughters, Teyolla, Keyolla, Telma, Leeann, and Sana are all adopted from the Marshall Islands . Through Derek and Renee’s loving parenting, much prayer, and devotion to their daughters, these precious beauties have walked through incredible healing and restoration. Their 3 precious boys (Sasha, Ethan, and Silas) were abandoned at birth in an orphanage in Ukraine. Sasha has Spina Bifida. Ethan and Silas both have Down syndrome. The boys were severely malnourished, emotionally neglected and were suffering on so many levels. Derek and Renee literally nursed Ethan, a 5 year old weighing 11 lbs, unable to walk or even crawl, back to life! As a family we witness this starving, sick little boy come back to life, a true miracle of God’s kindness and his parent’s loving commitment.

After, her husband’s death, my precious sister in law, not only walked through grief and suffering with her children in such a remarkable way, she also stood tall, determined to carry on the mission that she and Derek worked passionately for- defending orphans and standing for justice.

Renee currently serves as the director of the Orphan Justice Center in Kansas City, MO with the mission to RESCUE, ADOPT, and RESTORE! The goal of OJC is to raise awareness, equip families to adopt, and establish safe, restorative communities for orphans.

In addition on a personal level, Renee continues to walk heroically, bringing orphans into her home and calling them her own. Since Derek’s death, Renee has brought a beautiful 1 year old boy, Judah, into her home, has taken in a little blind girl, Joanna to assist her parents in getting her the care and education she needs to thrive, and has opened her home and offered to legally adopt a 30 year old, Dawn, an orphan herself, who is working on the streets of Ecuador caring for orphans.

Renee has been given 45 acres in Grandview, MO to help her walk out the vision she and Derek had to build a home with space enough to personally take in 30+ orphans. Their dream together was to take in children with special needs and provide them with a loving home where they could be restored and healed. Their dream was to have horticultural therapy, equine therapy, along with traditional therapies (physical, occupational and speech).

When I heard today that Extreme Home Makeover was looking for a deserving family in the state of Missouri, I couldn’t think of a more deserving family. This precious family: Renee, her mother Flo, and the 12 children currently in their home, share a 4 bedroom home that is bursting at the seams. They have exhausted every available space and have simply run out of room. Renee doesn’t know the word “No” when it comes to children in need. Their garage and family room have both been converted to extra sleeping space, and there is simply no room left. In addition, their current home has three floors and requires Renee to lift Sasha and his wheelchair from level to level so that he can be with the family.

When someone as rare and precious as my sister Renee desires to love and live her life in a away that to some may seem extreme, extravagant, or hard to even fathom, it seems just wrong to see something like MORE ROOM hold her back from LOVING LARGE!

If you would please help spread the word and nominate Renee Loux for this amazing opportunity to be considered for an Extreme Home Makeover. If you have been touched by this story, I would also encourage you to blog, post on FB or share in anyway possible.


Email nominations to

Each nomination must include the names, ages of everyone in the house, a description of the major challenges within the home and a short description of the family story. (Feel free to copy and paste some of the information above if you need, but your own connection to Renee would be great to share as well!)

Here’s a list of their names and ages if you’d like to copy and paste, though I encourage you to write a personal description of this sweet family if you know them at all.

Renee-mother (49)

Flo- Renee’s mother (72)

Telma-Renee’s daughter, adopted from the Marshall Islands (19)

Teyolla- Renee’s daughter, adopted from the Marshall Islands (19)

Keyolla- Renee’s daughter, adopted from the Marshall Islands (19)

LeeAnn- Renee’s daughter, adopted from the Marshall Islands (16)

Sophia- Renee’s daughter (13)

Michaela- Renee’s daughter (10)

Sana- Renee’s daughter adopted from the Marshall Islands (9)

Sasha- Renee’s son with Spina Bifida adopted from Ukraine (8)

Ethan- Renee’s son with Down Syndrome adopted from Ukraine (7)

Silas- Renee’s son with Down Syndrome adopted from Ukraine (4)

Judah – Renee’ son adopted from the Marshall Islands (1)

Joanna- a blind girl under the legal guardianship of Renee (from the Marshall Islands) age 13

Deadline is March 31st. Additional Details HERE!

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This past year has been a wonderful season of growth in the midst of patience and waiting upon the Lord.  Looking back on 2010 makes me appreciate where I am today.  It was not just the preparing for a new chapter in my life, but it was a preparing of a whole new series.  As always Aimee and I started the year off excited, but this was different than years past.  Aimee and I had just ended a four day One Thing Conference going into the New Year and then attended a leadership training immediately after while we were out in Kansas City.  The whole experience pierced our hearts and really shook us up, in a good way.  What we had heard and felt caused us to search our hearts and we knew that we could not go back home doing business as usual.  There was something bigger going on and we knew He was calling us to it.  We felt like the Lord was telling us to step down and to step out into a realm of Faith that we had not previously walked in before.  It was not easy, but it had prepared and equipped us far beyond anything we could have done if we had continued down our safe street while driving at the speed we were.  The Lord really taught us patience as we waited on Him.  I can look back and see His Hand with every step of faith that we made.

The only way we could get to where God was calling us to was by letting go of some things.  The fruit from our decisions to let go of some selfish things that we were holding on to began to show almost immediately.  By the end of January Aimee and I had found out that we were pregnant! It was joyous news and we couldn’t have been happier.  It seemed like the Lord was already getting His plans in motion for us.  Not only was our little girl on her way but also her cousin Cambria was just three months ahead of her.  Then before you knew it, it seemed like every young couple in the area was pregnant!  Yes, God was moving and He was bringing in a new army of HARVESTERS!  I can’t even count how many girls were born in the last year.  Which is a very cool prophetic picture of how God places a high value on women for the Great coming Harvest.

I was still growing and learning to be a husband (and will continue to do so) and now I had another awesome “job” title in the works.  Speaking of jobs, at the time I was out of a job, but I did not let this get me down in the midst of the good news.  If the Lord was going to bless us with a child, I new He would lead me to a job…and He did, when I least expected it!  It came in March after a last minute decision that we had said yes to when a door opened for us to go on a mission’s trip with our church.  We had not planned on going due to Aimee being pregnant, as much as we had wanted to go.  Then at the last minute it was like God had nudged us.  We took another step of faith and before we knew it, all three of us were in Mexicali, Mexico!  It was such a blessing to be apart of.  It was our first mission’s trip as a family, it was my first mission’s trip ever, and Aimee was a veteran…only this time she was carrying our little one inside of her.  We poured a lot out into the church and children and we were rewarded heavily with laughter and smiles that will always be carried in our hearts.  It just so happened that my next boss was on the trip.  I had never met him before, but he offered me a job and when we got back home I started working full time again.  How faithful is our God!

Time started flying by after that.  Aimee’s belly was growing and we were both staying busy with work and family time. The following months were filled with, “Do you have a name picked out.” And us saying, “NO”, then in our heads saying,  “Ok, God, what is her name?”  “God, could you help us out?”  “Well, let us know when you’ve got one picked out for her!” Then…it came!  But, was it from the Lord?  We read it in the name book before, but there are a lot of names in the name book.  Well when we heard it this time it was different.  We were on a short get away up in Redding, visiting Bethel during a morning worship set when Aimee looked at me and said, “What about Liberty Rain/Reign?”  I loved it!  So we agreed that this was probably going to be her name but we wanted to get some more confirmation.  We did, several small ones and then the kicker.  We started seeing the name Liberty everywhere we looked.  It was on cars, chip bags, bedding brands, walls…and all U.S. coins.  Ok, so these are pretty common things.  Then we were invited over to some long time friend’s house for dinner.  We talked and discussed life and they asked us the very familiar question, “Do you have a name picked out?”  We responded with a, “Not really.” The night went on and as we were getting ready to leave they wanted to pray for us.  We both sat down as they each started praying for us and then they started praying for our baby.  The husband started praying and said that he sees that she is going to have a lot of “freedom” with her.  Aimee and I kind of nudged each other while he continued to pray.  Then he reinstated the fact that she is going to have a lot of “freedom” and…LIBERTY! We started laughing out loud and they were a little perplexed.  After saying amen we explained to them the story.  He is faithful in the little things!

My brother and his wife gave birth to Cambria in July and this really caused our hearts to pound with anticipation! Before we knew it, the big “due date” was coming around the corner for us.  We were as ready as we could be.  We just wanted to meet our little Liberty already!  There was the possibility that she might even come early.  Well time was passing and the pregnant stage was getting a little old.  We found our free time being filled with family and preparing the baby room.  It’s always good to have family so close when life decisions draw you into a new focus during a new season.  Our focus, having a baby; our season, trusting God.  Then a few weeks out before Liberty’s “due date” our focus intensified and continued so as we PASSED THE DUE DATE! God really wanted to stretch our patience and trust in Him.  One week over due and we were doing EVERYTHING possible to speed this whole labor process up.  Still no ding from the oven…another week comes and met us face to face.  We were ready 9 months ago, now we were just plain tired.  Coming into the second week of being late and we were wondering if she was ever going to come out.  She did!  It was a very heart warming moment. It was not always easy, but it was WORTH IT! Seeing the hand of God in that surreal moment gave my heart a new hope for the rest of my life.  Liberty Reign Atkins was born October 26, 2010, healthy and happy.  The faith of a mustard seed moves mountains and that seed bears much fruit!

The year of 2010 has set the course for 2011 and beyond.  My life will never be the same and I will continue to pursue Him in a way that will not stop to think about what the “world” has to say.  If I am going after Him and laying my life down to get closer to Him, I can’t lose.  I want to encourage you all to step out in faith with the big things and the little things this year.  I have found more JOY in letting go and embracing Him and His ways.  There is nothing in this world that can compare.  Pray for me and my family as we go into this year with all 6 legs stepping out into faith.  He is faithful to the end!

Blessings in 2011,

Patrick Judah

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40 Years of Mexico Outreach!

March 27th marked the beginning of the 40th year of the APU Mexico Outreach, as well as the launch of my first mission trip with my wife and baby in the womb!

It really was a life changing experience for me and hopefully for the adults and children in the village of Mexicali that we ministered to.

The long drive down was great because it allowed us in the “Smurf Mobile” to connect on a deeper level before we got to our campsite.  I would imagine that Jesus had a lot of His intimate talks with the disciples while walking from town to town…just a thought.  We also got to see healing after we prayed for one of our drivers who had gotten a mouth infection and for one of our leaders who had back pain! What a great way to start the trip.

We were the second team to arrive at the big open dirt field.  It was pretty much empty.  So we parked the 5th wheel and started unloading and setting up.  There were 6 tents up and a big tent of meeting…to meet in 🙂 After the tents were up, the spit hole dug, and the chairs out, we were all settled in and ready for an adventure.  We had arrived a day earlier than most teams so it was nice to settle in and prepare our hearts for the next 5 days.  After eating and some fellowship we all quietly slipped into our sleeping bags and fell asleep.

The first morning (Saturday) wasn’t like the rest of the week because we got to sleep a little longer (well as long as you can sleep through roosters crowing) and hang out.  By the end of the day the empty dirt field turned into “tent city”.

(See the 5th wheel on the left at the edge of the tent line and the white capped tent near the back? That’s our site!)

Sunday: It was official; the music was blaring at 6:30am followed with a big greeting, “GOOD MORNING CUERNAVACA!!!” We rolled outta our tents and made it in time for breakfast and ate fast so we could get to chapel.  We started each morning this way for the rest of the week.  It is always good to start off each day with worship and a message, plus it was powerful to be with 1,000 plus other members going after Jesus

Once the message ended, our team gathered and loaded up to head to the church in the village.  When our four vehicles pulled up, the kids swarmed each car! It was so awesome to be greeted with big smiles and wide eyes!  There was a lot of excitement in the hard dirt parking lot.  Most of the team that had been there in previous years were looking for the kids that they remembered most…as for us newbies, well there were plenty of kids to love on.  We said our “hola’s” and played around until the morning service started.  The church building was not very big and had plastic chairs to sit in.  Pastor Eduardo and the rest of the church family were all smiles.  We were asked to lead worship and had one of our team members share a message.  It was a day of great unity.  After church we headed over to the pastors house and had AMAZING TACOS and played with all 30-40 of the kids out in the street.  It was a blast.  Then back to the church for some more worship and preaching from Pastor Eduardo!  Some of us got to share our testimonies and the Holy Spirit was moving all through out the body in Freedom! After a full day and night we drove back to the site, ate, and fell fast asleep.

Monday: We started Vacation Bible School!  It was a blast to share scriptures, act out a skit, make some fun crafts, and enjoy a snack with them!  Monday’s theme was LOVE, Tuesday was NEW LIFE, Wednesday was LIGHT, and or last day was JOY!   When V.B.S. would end, we would have lunch as a team and then go back to the village to play with all the kids.  We would spend hours spinning kids in circles, giving them piggy back rides, playing games, and just blessing them in any way we could. Monday night the pastor’s family got to come back to our campground to have dinner and chapel with us, it was good to get to know them in that setting.

Tuesday: After VBS it was our community work day! This was a great time of blessing the school in the village with a makeover.  We bought some bright colors of paint and uprooted the old tires out in the playground.  We were able to replace the old tires with some better ones that were found in the nearby ditch.  Once we replaced the old tires with the “new”, we decked them out in some bright fresh paint!

Wednesday: After VBS and playing in the village we went back to the church for an evening service.  The worship team was off the hook and the lead singer would switch the song verses from English to Spanish very well.  One of our team members, Travis, actually saw the cloud of the Holy Spirit come down from the ceiling and through the walls; filling the entire church building! The entire evening was full of freedom and love!

Thursday:  This was not an easy day for our team!  We all knew that at the end of the day we had to say goodbye to these kids that had stolen our hearts!  But we poured out all we had left at VBS and playing under the hot sun out in the dirt street.  Of course we still had enough energy and even more love when it came to the fiesta! We set up games, had face painting, and tons of candy to hand out…it was a blast!!!  Then we all went back to pastors house and they made some delicious chicken with rice, beans, and potato wedges; so tasty!  It was one big happy family enjoying each others company over a nice home cooked meal.  We all gave our last drop when it came to playing with the kids.  After exchanging presents, hugs, laughter, tears, and final goodbyes; the amazing night came to an end.

The pictures and memories will always be there to look back on and whether I make it back there or not (I pray that I do), they will always be in my heart! The impact that the kids and families had on me will last a lifetime!

(Me and my five year old friend, Criston)

Thanks for reading!

God Bless,

Patrick Judah

p.s. here are some links to my picture albums:

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Now that the celebration week of Saint Patrick is over and his name has quickly been forgotten by those that see it as just another day, allow me to finish the third part of my research on the Saint…not the Day.  For those of you that are just tuning in, check out my last two post to get caught up!

The year is 432 A.D. and St. Patrick and his small entourage just landed on the shores of Ireland.  Upon arrival the team of strangers to the land were spotted and confronted by chief master, Dichu.  Not only was Dichu’s Patrick’s first contact, he was his host, FIRST CONVERT, and he also gave Patrick his barn for a church! That should give you an idea of how powerful God was working through Patrick from the start!

Of course this was only the beginning.  Patrick was extremely bold and passionate about his message of the GOSPEL and he took it directly to the top pagans and druids with a daring statement!  It was the eve of Easter (March 24th according to the calendars of their time) when Laoghaire, High King of Ireland, was also celebrating an ancient druidic ritual and festival with the people from the land.  It was a sacred lighting of a fire said to symbolize the “resurrection of the life-giving sun from the winter’s death”.  So on that eve this WAS to be the first fire lit from the royal hill.  St. Patrick and his team had other plans; they strategically posted up on the hill across from the royal hill and camped out until the darkness came.   It was in this darkness when St. Patrick lit up a flame that challenged and defied all that the druids stood for!  This defying flame was seen by the king and all the druids and enraged them.  The account told by Muirchu (7th Century biographer)

“And St. Patrick was called to the king outside the place where the fire had been kindled.  And the magicians said to their people, “let us not rise up at the approach of this fellow; for whosoever rises up at the approach of this fellow will afterwards believe in him and worship him.”

At last Patrick rose; and when he saw their many chariots and horses, he came to them, singing with voice and heart, very appropriately, the following verse of the Psalmist:  “Some put their trust in chariots and some in horses; but we will walk in the name of the Lord our God.”  They, however, did not rise at his approach.  But only one, helped by the Lord, who willed not to obey the words of the magicians, rose up.  This was Ercc, the son of Daig, whose relics are now venerated in the city called Slane.  And Patrick blessed him; and he believed in the everlasting God.

And when they began to parley with one another, the second magician, named Lochru, was insolent in the Saint’s presence, and had the audacity, with swelling words to disparage the Catholic faith.  As he uttered such things, St. Patrick regarded him with a stern glance, as Peter once looked on Simon; and powerfully, with a loud voice, he confidently addressed the Lord and said, “O Lord, Who canst do all things, and in Whose power all things hold together, and who hast sent me hither-as for this impious man who blasphemes Thy name, let him now be taken out of this and die speedily.”  And when he had spoken thus, the magician was caught up into the air, and then let fall from above, and, his skull striking on a rock, he was dashed to pieces and killed before their faces; and the heathen folk were dismayed.”

St. Patrick knew that he had to bring this message of love and power to the top.  I believe it was displayed in a very eye opening way with this encounter that was just described.  After gaining this type of attention from the head of the land St. Patrick continued to spread the gospel through out the rest of the land.  If the kings or leaders of a tribe were not converted on the spot, he would get access for him and his team to set up camp near the people of the village.  It was here where they were able to organize a “community” center.  The team would then engage with the village people through conversation, ministry, prayer, preaching, as well as the visual arts.  The Irish people are very well known for their visual arts, this was one of the things that Patrick was able to pick up on in his time as a slave.  The ministry team would spend weeks to months in a place until they felt led by the Lord to build a Church.  St. Patrick would baptize and disciple the converts in this time and raise them up.  Patrick and his team would go from tribe to tribe doing this same thing.  They would often leave behind one of his disciples to pastor one of the newly established churches and the cycle would continue!

Mind you in this time, the successors of the bishops that sent St. Patrick on this mission to Ireland were not rejoicing in all the good news that was being shared. No, they were angered that he was spending priority time with the “barbarians”, “sinners”, and “pagans”! Of course this happened to Jesus as well.

(Croagh Patrick, St. Patrick spent 40 days of fasting on this mountain in prayer for the people of Ireland)

The reason St. Patrick was so successful in his mission was because of his apostolic approach, it was more of a movement than an institution. His ministry was set up in a way to convert whole tribe’s not just individuals.  Because of his “mission stations” the faith was more caught than taught.  It is said that he baptized many thousands of people in his time as well as planting nearly 700 churches and ordaining close to 1,000 priests! With his strong mission movement St. Patrick was able to convert about 30-40 if not more, of the 150 tribes in Ireland!  Patrick also preached against slavery and was able to see the end of the Irish slave trade in his time.

Remember these “barbarians” that no one wanted to approach?  Do you have any one in you life that you look at as impossible to reach?  May the life of St. Patrick inspire you and show you that nothing is impossible with the Living God.  His ministry lasted 28 years, but because the model that he left, many were able to be saved years later.

Irish Prayer:

Three folds of the cloth, yet only one napkin is there,

Three joints in the finger, but still only one finger fair;

Three leaves of the shamrock, yet no more than one shamrock to wear,

Frost, snow-flakes and ice, all in water their origin share,

Three Persons in God, to one God alone we make prayer.

Well with that being said, I will be going on my FIRST MISSIONS TRIP TOMORROW!  My wife and I will be going to Mexicali with our church for a week!  I am really excited and can’t wait to serve and minister the good news! Pray for us this week.

God Bless,

Patrick Judah

p.s. check out this IHOP St. Patrick’s celebration!

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Source:  Sixteen Centuries With Ireland’s Patron Saint Patrick- Alice-Boyd Proudfoot

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