The Call: Berkeley 2014

The Call: Berkeley 2014


Hello Friends,

I want to get the word out and let you know about TheCall Berkeley that is coming up, Saturday October 4th, 2014. This will be an historic event that I believe will shape and shift the culture of the Berkeley college campus. Not only that but I believe it will be a critical moment for the Body of Christ in California as the sound of the trumpet is going forth calling us to assemble and repent for the sins of our state that have greatly affected our Nation. My last post, Fire and Water, addressed this Joel 2 principle that is so important for the Body of Christ to take hold of. I want to encourage you to watch this 2:00 minute video (below), then check out TheCall website that gives more detail about this solemn assembly and the 40 day fast that will be starting August 26th.

TheCall website.


My History with TheCall and Lou Engle:

Lou Engle, the founder of TheCall, shares a powerful dream that he had in 2000 where Luke 1:17 was given to him and he felt like the Lord was saying

 “What I am pouring out in America is stronger than the rebellion.”  

My first ‘Call’, was April of 2003 in San Francisco at Candlestick Park Stadium. I was in full rebellion. A few parents from my dad’s church went and brought (dragged) a few of the kids with them. I had no idea what TheCall was. I was a sophomore in high school and had made up my mind to live how I wanted to live and do what I wanted to do. I was heavily into smoking marijuana almost daily and drinking on the weekends. To be very honest I did not engage with anything that was happening on the stage or with the people around me. A few of us left the stadium for a little bit and then came back to explore the stadium. I remember a man came up to us at the top of the bleachers and prophesied over us. Then when I did find my way back to our group they were repenting and praying; that’s when I got wrangled into a prayer circle. I was resisting the whole thing. My flesh was shutting down the feelings, as my personal sin was so fresh that I didn’t want to confess that what I was doing was wrong. All though I continued on my path of rebellion for another two years and in that moment I could say that this gathering did not influence me I can look back and see how the Lord used it. And to add a very fun note, my future wife Aimee was at this call and dragged me to my next Jesus encounter or should a say Jesus Culture event, three years later.

After the 2006 Jesus Culture conference where I encountered the Holy Spirit and Cindy Jacobs prayed over me to break off the addiction of ‘recreational drugs’, I was set free from that rebellion. Aimee spoke an amazing prophetic word over me about being set free as well. By the time we were engaged in 2007 we went to our first OneThing Conference in December which TheCall had merged with. Lou Engle spoke of the House of Prayer that contends with every other house and how we need to shift from a ‘prayer meeting’ mentality to a ‘prayer culture’. We got married August 16, 2008 and that November is when several of us went down to TheCall San Diego to fast and pray and contend for the sanctity of marriage. As newlyweds it was a great time to be together to seek the Lord on this issue and stand with thousands of others in agreement. At the very end of 2009 Aimee and I went to another Onething Conference and stayed afterwards for a leadership advance. It was here in January of 2010 where we heard Lou Engle speak about raising up a family and going against the perfect ‘American Dream’ of having 1.2 kids so that we can contend with every other house of prayer. It struck a chord with us as we were not planning on having kids any time soon. In September of 2010 Aimee was 8 months pregnant when we attended TheCall Sacramento. It was a time to rededicate our lives to the Lord as we had just come out of a very powerful 3 1/2 year (late 2006 to mid-2010) season of weekly worship and prayer in our small community that ended on a sour note. We were able to reflect, repent, and renew our dedication to the Lord. (Past blog on TheCall Sacramento link)

Now, Aimee and I are ready to engage and contend at TheCall Berkeley with both of our daughters, Liberty and Adessa. Our nation is in a desperate place and we need the hearts of the fathers to turn back to the children and the children to the fathers. We are now responsible for the spiritual climate that we raise our children up in. I am praying that this call will release a great revival in California and the nation and I am praying that my two girls will get marked and set on the path as the daughters of God that they are called to be, to set the captives free and to bring the now promise to their generation.


Thanks for reading. Hope to see you there!


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  • exactly where in berkeley is the call
    I can’t find anything specific. Is it on the campus and if so where?
    If it’s off campus where is it?
    I signed up but don’t know where it is

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