The Great Commission

I was browsing a site and I found this. It was really inspiring to watch, so I thought I would share it with you.

In the physical world these soldiers are called to lay down their lives for our Country and obey the given commands to attack the enemy. As believers we have been called to do something very similar by our Lord and Savior. In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus said to his disciples, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” HE IS WITH US, regardless of the “worlds” persecution or poorly practiced political “rules” (which are broken more by political leaders than the people.) I am often reminded how much the physical world reflects little fragments of what goes on in the Super Natural. The Light that these soldiers are bringing into such a dark place is a huge defeat on the enemy. These warriors of God have drawn their Swords and put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD in the Super Natural; allowing The Kingdom to enter into this world!

This Great Commission is directly from the Words of God, so as Sons and Daughters let’s take hold of this calling and be Good News Bearers wherever the Lord has planted us; weather you are in a small dinky town or the middle of a war stricken country that has not yet heard or felt the Love of Jesus.

Lord I am praying that you continue to protect and guide these soldiers in the physical and in the Super Natural. Thank you for men and women that fight for this country and also engage in an even bigger battle that the world does not see. Thank you Lord, for you are good and your LOVE ENDURES FOREVER!

If you liked this, read the blog below about the “vision” that George Washington received. Do you think this “vision” of what’s to come to America is in the form of the Super Natural or of the physical?


Patrick Judah

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2 thoughts on “The Great Commission

  • Dear Patrick,

    After looking at your site and reading your blog about evangelical Christians in Afghanistan I felt compelled to write to you. I was deeply troubled by the video and even more so that you would label it as “inspiring.” To me, the video is another example of the utter lack of cultural understanding and self righteousness that Christians are often accused of.

    I’d first like to point out that the video is clearly meant to criticize what the soldiers are doing, so I find it rather interesting that you would post in on your website, for it really is rather “bad press” for evangelical Christians like yourself. Also, in several of your other blogs you praise the constitution; however, as the video points out, what these soldiers are doing is in clear violation of the Constitution.

    Now here is the part that most troubles me. When Christians decide to start proselytizing in foreign lands, as is the case with these soldiers, they often lack any awareness and understanding of the culture they have “invaded.” As the video pointed out, these soldiers had no desire to learn the languages of the Afghan people, or for that matter anything about the Islam religion. You assume that your interpretation of Christianity is the only true way to see the world. So lucky you, you’ve discovered the only possible way of being and believing, and the rest of the world who doesn’t share your beliefs, well poor them, they are lost and confused, and it’s your job, the righteous American Christian, to show them the right way to be. But I’m curious if these soldiers, and you yourself, have any understanding about the religion of Islam, the different ethnic groups that make up Afghanistan, or for that matter, if you even know a Muslim? Are you aware of the differences between Sunni and Shiite, the life of the prophet Muhammad, or what Muslims actually believe? Have you ever thought to ask yourself, that perhaps the Afghan people are quite content with their own religion, and don’t need the help of America’s evangelical Christians? I’m glad that you’ve found so much peace and satisfaction with Christianity, and more specifically an evangelical protestant interpretation of Christianity (you are aware that there are other forms of Christianity??), however, what gives you the right to impose your religion on Afghans? And if you do believe you have this right, I’m curious if you believe this right should extend to Muslims as well. How would you feel if a group of Muslims in America started handing out copies of the Koran on an American college campus? I doubt you would be excited about this as you as for the American soldiers in Afghanistan. I imagine if a Muslim tried to convert you to Islam you would be quite offended. Besides why would you want to hear about Islam, you already have the truth, right? Have you ever thought to put yourself in the shoes of an Afghan? Our country invaded there’s, and now here our soldiers are trying to make them accept our religion, and for that matter a very narrow view of that religion. I wonder, is it actions like these that lead many to view America as an “imperialist nation?”
    If Christianity has helped you in your life I think that’s wonderful Patrick, but I think it wise to consider that there are many cultures, many religions, and many ways of being. And I’m not sure that your evangelical western interpretation of Christianity is exactly what the people of Afghanistan need. You say that “The Light that these soldiers are bringing into such a dark place is a huge defeat on the enemy.” I guess you are assuming that God is on our, the so called “Christian,” side. I guess I wasn’t aware that God took sides. I’m also curious as to why you label Afghanistan as a “dark place?” What makes Americans carriers of “light” and Afghans carriers of “darkness?” Your rhetoric sounds a lot like our former president George Bush, which although you might take as a compliment, is not meant to be one.

    I hope you will consider what I have to say. And also reflect upon the historic role that Christian missioners have often played, a role, which for the most part, has done more harm than good. Are you familiar with what the so called “noble Christian” did for the “savage” Native American? Besides mass killing and cultural genocide, it wasn’t a lot. Thus, I’m forced to ask myself, what good does throwing bibles on a culture quite different from our own really accomplish?

    I’m not opposed to the teachings of Christ in the least. I just wish more so called Christians actually learned them.

  • Hey Carly!!!,

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my page and thank you for your deep feedback!

    Yes, I do realize the video puts a negative spin on what the soldiers are doing, I wouldn’t expect most media stations to give this kind of thing a positive outlook. But to me, any exposure of the Great Commission is good exposure. I also am not a conservative evangelical Christian, but I am apart of the body of Christ. As for these soldiers violating the constitution…. I know if the Signers of the Constitution were here today, more than have would not say it’s a violation. I wish our government would also know what a “clear violation of the constitution” was. I do not like to point the finger or beat other religions with head knowledge. All I can do is share the Love of Jesus, which He has shared to me. I also believe that is the heart of these soldiers.

    The video narrator points out that they did not want to “learn the Afghan language”…but it would have been nice to hear more from the soldiers. I know their purpose is not to invade, but to protect. I would love it if they brought nothing but bibles into the country; no guns, bombs, or tanks….just the Love of Jesus!

    I am aware that Afghanistan is a very unique culture with very diverse beliefs and backgrounds from our own. I have not fully studied the Islamic religion but I am aware that are very obedient, disciplined, and committed to their faith. I honor and respect that and pray that “Christians” can have that same devotion to Christ. I do not know a muslim. I do know that the main thing that their religion does not believe in is that Jesus is the Son of God. They believe He is just another prophet like Muhammad. The whole base of Christianity believes that God sent His only Son to this world, to die for all of our sins so that we may be forgiven. This is the truth that I know and have experienced.
    I am sure the Afghan’s believe they do not need help. I know I thought I didn’t need help when I was living in darkness, but I thank Jesus that my family and friends did not give up on me!!! I have not found peace and satisfaction in christianity, but in Christ alone. Not mans views, rules, or titles…I belong to Jesus and find my peace in the Prince of Peace. I am aware that there are different bodies of the church and God has a plan for all of those that are faithful.
    It is not a right to spread the Gospel, but a command. I hope you didn’t miss that part of the blog 😀 I know the muslim beliefs are already growing rapidly in the US and no, I would not be offended if a muslim tried to “convert” me. It would give me an opportunity to share the Love of Christ! I have not tried to put myself in an Afghan’s shoes, but I believe our soldiers are their to protect. They are already in a war stricken country weather we are there or not.
    Again, Christianity has not helped me, but it is the Love of Jesus the Son of God who has helped me and continues to help me daily! I am aware that there are many cultures, religions, and ways of being…. but there is only one God and that is the God of the Bible. God stands on the side of Truth, Justice, Love, Joy, Peace, and Eternity. America is dark as well, but our nation has heard of Jesus but still rejects Him, which is very scary. I believe Afghanistan is a dark place because the enemy has deceived many of the people to believe that Jesus was just a man. So many of them have not heard who the REAL JESUS is! I did not say America was a carrier of Light, because I am aware that America’s light is fading out. I did not say all of the Afghans are carries of darkness. I was encouraged to see that these soldiers that believe in the message of the Bible are wiling to lay down their lives to spread the gospel in a culture that is anti american and anti Jesus.
    My rhetoric? I wish President Bush had encouraged our soldiers to spread the message of Christ by handing out Bibles! I’m assuming you think I am against President Obama and his administration I am not. I believe that God can use this president or any coming President to bring this nation back to Christ.
    I have considered what you have to say and I know a lot of this comes from your influence from teachers and hurt from the “church” or parents. I am sorry that you cannot see this as a good thing, even though you say you are not opposed to the teachings of Christ. I am aware that so called “noble Christians” have messed up and the end results have not been the greatest. I know that we are all humans and are not perfect. Reading that I have to ask, what is your view on abortion?
    Throwing Bibles at people does not accomplish a lot. But really having a heart to see the Gospel spread, and doing whatever you can, wherever you may be at to get that done may only accomplish one person to encounter the Love of Jesus. But His Love is contagious and will spread to the ends of the earth weather He uses American Soldiers or you and me.

    Thanks for reading,

    Patrick Judah

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