The SHOP Pt. 2

The SHOP Pt. 2

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Continued…PT. 2.

There was a special shift in the supernatural when we moved into the shop. The first night in the new setting seemed different, in a good way.  I believe it was partly due to the family history of the Gerber property.   My great aunt Ginny and uncle Bill Gerber (the land owners since the beginning of Ponderosa Hills) always envisioned some sort of house of prayer in the area.  That being said, the property had been filled and continues to be filled with prayer and worship. I also realize that there was a huge grace and blessing from the Lord because He loves us loving Him!

August was a year of new beginnings for me.  As we transitioned from Tuesday Night Worship at the blue house to Tuesday nights at The SHOP, an even bigger shift came as I went from being single to married!  Aimee and I got married at Chapel in the Pines, Saturday August 16, 2008.  It was a fun season as life continued to be full for us.

The first time we had someone come visit the shop from out of town was on September 7, 2008 (a Sunday)Through our connection with Aunt Lisa, Pastor Paul Harris came for two nights to pray and share.  Also, some of Lisa’s intercessor/prophetic friends came up from LA.  Paul described the shop environment as “ a campfire with couches” and felt like the region was, “Sitting on a very powerful combustible place in the Spirit”He shared a little bit the first night but most of the evening was spent in intense prayer.

The second night (Monday the 8th) was very powerful for Aimee and I as we were ministered to after Pastor Paul shared.  Aunt Lisa’s friends were really operating in the prophetic gift and blessed us so much with insight and encouragement.  I will never forget what was shared that night.  One of the words spoken for the shop was,  You bring Him comfort, you bring Him joy, and you bring Him friendship and love.”

Tuesday’s continued to make an impact on me and others as we all kept showing up never really knowing what to expect.  Steven Robbins really started taking off with his incredible worship gifting and the Presence of the Lord continued to manifest and move each tuesday night.  On the 19th we had our first open shop meeting to share input, ideas, and direction.  There was still no official “leaders” team set up then. That following Tuesday night, our amazing friends and leaders since near the beginning, Andrew and Sonja Heisinger, got married September 23, 2008 as we all got to celebrate with them.

We felt like it was time to make the shop a little bit nicer so we had another workday on October 25th.  You can watch the footage below to catch a glimpse of all the “excitement”.


November 25th stands out to me as I remember my long time friend Wyatt coming for the second time.  Wyatt had no religious background and lived a rough walk of life.  After sitting through worship for about twenty minutes and feeling tired, he closed his eyes.  As his eyes were closed he saw a bright light get brighter and brighter and the coattails of darkness fleeing the scene.  The light got so bright that he could no longer keep his eyes closed and he was filled with energy and jumped up to tell my cousin Kaenan about it.  He was so excited and at the end of the night he shared in front of everyone his experience and said, “Before tonight I didn’t believe in God.”

It was right around the end of the year when I believe we felt led to form a team of leaders for Tuesday nights.  There were no special requirements other than we had all been apart of this thing from the beginning.  It ended up being Carlie Vogt, Bethany Williams, Steven Robbins, Andrew and Sonja Heisinger, and Aimee and me.  Not too long after this we brought Kaenan Whitman on board because he is a fireball and had recently moved to the area after our wedding.  The shop also was on Kaenan’s grandparent’s property, so he carried a level of authority.

The year 2009 rolled around and Holy Spirit continued to fill us up while the shop kept filling up with new people!  We had a group of 20 make it up to Jesus Culture on February 6-7 and it was a blast.

That following Tuesday, the 10th,

“75 people came, even though it was cramped, worship broke through amazingly quick and we were not able to get to anything else we had planned for the night.  The Holy Spirit loves to move when hungry people make themselves available.” (Taken from an email)

Ryan Landis

2009 was a great year for the shop, we had a lot of visitors!  On February 17th, we had Ryan and Nina Landis come and rock out with us!  It was definitely a packed house.  One of the neighbors elbow got healed that night and Ryan and Nina encouraged us by saying, “No formula and no structures equals easy access to GOD! Keep doing what you’re doing, we don’t have to try to create anything…it’s already here!”  They were super uplifting and ended the night with some prophetic ministry.  And we got to bless them by taking up an offering that was rather staggering for our crazy group oddballs.

March 31st was a monumental moment for everyone that was at the shop that night.  Steven had the fun idea (I thought it was very random at the time) to make it pajama night!  So, regardless of how I really felt…I showed up in my pj’s and so did a lot of other people.  There was close to 90 people and at least 4 physical healings!

One of the healings that took place really stands out as I was praying for her with a friend.  She came in that night on crutches with a knee brace.  The prior Thursday she had blown her knee out when she collided with another player during her soccer game.  She was taken to the hospital and the doctors confirmed that she would need surgery and told her to keep ALL pressure off of her injured leg.   Long story short we prayed for her and asked if she felt anything and she said no.  We prayed again and asked her to try bending her leg.  We took off the brace and she was able to move it a little bit.  We continued to contend for healing in her leg and she said she could tangibly feel something while we were praying and tears started streaming down her face.  She ended up putting her full weight on her leg and at the end of the night she walked out of the shop without her brace and crutches!!!  It was a powerful testimony.  The best part was that the doctor confirmed that her leg was fine the next day, April 1, 2009.  I realized now looking back that her healing was confirmed a year to the day from when we had our first Tuesday night at the blue house.

March 31, 2009 Pajama Night!

May 30th, we had the honor of hosting Shampa Rice.  There were around 120 people listening intently to her message that was filled with LOVE.  This was also around the time that Jake Hamilton’s music from Marked By Heaven started influencing our worship time 🙂 .  July 16th, Elyssa Williams came and shared and encouraged us with a word that she got for the shop.  Part of it said,  “How I love you, I have seen your prayers and heard your cries, I have seen how you reach out and welcome the broken and the hurting and have opened your arms and chased after what others have abandoned.” Aunt Lisa and her intercessor friends came up again for a Tuesday night (6/23/09) and we had an amazing “fire tunnel” at the end of the night that rocked all of us!

And this only leads us up to half of the year!  I know that I am just giving highlights and small glimpses, but every Tuesday night was special and filled with His presence whether I personally felt something or not… someone was always encountering His love.

To be continued…


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