Top 7 Revelation Songs

Top 7 Revelation Songs


The Book of Revelation is filled with brilliant insight to the Glory of God that surrounds His Heavenly Throne.  One thing that helps me get the Words from the pages into my spirit is through song.  There are a lot of amazing worship songs out there but  I wanted to give you some that are filled with the theme of Revelation, especially from chapters 1 and 4.  There is something about praying and singing His Word that stirs the spirit up.

Here are my top 7 worship songs that capture parts of the heavenly reality that has been released to us through the book of Revelation.

1. A Storm All Around You, Jon ThurlowOnething Live: Magnificent Obsession

2. There is Only OneBrandon Hampton Feat Misty Edwards: Onething Live: Magnificent Obsession

3. Worthy of it All, David Brymer: Onething Live: Magnificent Obsession

4. Jesus, You’re Beautiful, Jon ThurlowStrong Love

5. 24 Elders (Holy), Catherine Mullins: Come Down

6. Revelation Song, Kari Jobe (Jennie Riddle): Kari Jobe

7. The Gift, Misty Edwards and David Brymer (Kevin Prosch)The Gift


Do you have any songs that you would add?  I know I have left some out but there is just something about the number 7. 🙂

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